A lack of self-confidence hurts. It can take the form of a nagging doubt that locks you in an endless loop of starting and stopping the pursuit of your dreams, a tiny voice saying, “You aren’t worthy,” or a paralyzing uncertainty that keeps you stuck in tough situations.

How do you strengthen confidence?

You build self-confidence when you push through the discomfort and learn, share, try, or take meaningful action.

While that’s true, it’s not necessarily helpful, is it? You already know you have to do something to build your confidence; it’s the “how” that’s missing. So, let’s focus on the tools you need to be able to take action.

Self-confidence isn’t a belief or something some people are just born having.

Everyone experiences self-doubt. Everyone. And the bigger the dream or the change you want to make, the more likely you are to wonder if you’re crazy for even thinking about it.

The thing is, every time you feel that way, there are two possible outcomes if you take action (assuming you aren’t literally risking your life). Either you’ll succeed or survive.

If you succeed, yay! You’ve just increased your self-confidence and got something you wanted.

If you survive, it’s not the outcome you wanted, but you’re still better off than not taking action. Why? You learned what doesn’t work and are still alive to try something new. And the next time self-doubt sinks in, your self-confidence will be a little bit stronger because you know that you tried things before and lived

Start small, but start.

Next time you feel self-doubt creeping in, immediately stand up and take action.

  • Call someone with experience to discuss your idea.
  • Do an online search to learn more about your idea.
  • Write your idea down along with two positive benefits of going for it.

The important part is immediately taking action and either succeeding or surviving that action so you can build on it tomorrow. Each day of action will lead to a little bit more confidence.