Our Team

Mindful Change™ is a team full of awakened minds – curious seekers committed to mastering their minds so they can create lives they love for themselves and for others. Take a moment to meet us:

Heather Elliott, Founder & Mindset Expert  

Heather Elliott is the consummate teacher because she is an eternal learner. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1977 and a Bachelor of Education in 1979, she worked as an educator and zealously pursued knowledge of the human mind. Her investigations led her to become a Practitioner of Core Belief Engineering, certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a Level III Personality Dimensions Trainer.

With an uncommon balance between left- and right-brain function, natural gifts as an educator, insatiable curiosity about the human psyche, and exhaustive research into how the mind works, Heather was the ideal candidate to bring the Mindful Change Process to life.

Since 2005, she has enabled Mindful Change in hundreds of individuals, couples, and groups. Today, Heather leads the Mindful Change Centre, which is laying the foundation for the future of psychology by bringing the Mindful Change Process and practice the broadest possible audience.

Heather relentlessly pursues love over fear, strives to understand the human mind, and seeks the answers to real change that makes life feel good. She leads the Mindful Change Centre’s mission to help humans cultivate and realize their highest selves as powerful beings in a human experience, rather than passive beings in a virtual reality.

Ashley Ryan, Director of Marketing

Ashley is responsible for empowering Mindful Change to reach as wide an audience as possible, through exceptional marketing strategies. Ashley has completed the Mindful Change System training coursework. www.hersmarkmarketing.com

Tricia Rande, Instructor & Designer

Tricia is instrumental in helping Mindful Change bring its purpose to a wide audience, by facilitating our remote and online courses, video productions, podcasts, and more. Tricia has completed the Mindful Change System training coursework. www.bloomcreative.ca

Maria Ford, Phraseologist

Maria ensures that Mindful Change communication is aligned with our purpose, providing her expertise in voice discovery and articulation, as well as her creative insights. www.phrasestrategy.com


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Our Team

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