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of Psychology

Every life is a story and your mind is the author. Mindful Change™ gives you the knowledge, tools, and path to change your world.
Mindful Change is for you if you:

  • Are awakening to a greater, more POWERFUL identity
  • Want to GROUND your spiritual truths into everyday life
  • Know using your mind wisely is KEY to creating the life you desire
  • Want to move into your NOW by letting go of the past
  • Believe that ABUNDANCE and success can be achieved joyfully

Mindful Change 

in Business

“A single session with Heather transformed my attitude towards work and helped me take my company from near-death to our best year yet in terms of sales and profits. AND she made “work” fun again.”

— Ryan Murdock, business owner and travel writer

Mindful Change 

in Relationships

“Since Mindful Change™, my husband and I are in such a better place. We are able to talk and carry on conversations without fighting, screaming, or my being over sensitive and crying. We are all doing so much better since our sessions. Thank you from the bottom of our and my heart. Thank you for saving us.”

— Small business owner

Mindful Change 

in Life

“I’d been dealing with health issues that also ultimately affected my finances. It had felt like a barrier that made any progress ridiculously slow, and despite my best efforts, I simply couldn’t get through, over, or around it. Since the Mindful Change™ Process, I’ve noticed steady, significant improvement.”

— Kathryn W., doctor and author

Mindful Change in Organizations:

Awakened Entrepreneur Masterclass

Bring Mindful Change™ to your business and align your spiritual journey with your business.

Learn the Mindful Change System

Learn the metaphysical system with the most practical applications: transcend life’s challenges and limitations to create the life you desire. 

Powerful Workshops and Motivational Speaking

Hire Heather to speak or facilitate at your event, meeting, or team building session.

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