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Personality Dimensions ® Workshops

Brockville, ON  

Location to be announced

Have you ever felt misunderstood?

Would you like there to be a simple way to understand people quickly? Perhaps you want to communicate more clearly, motivate more appropriately, teach in more impactful ways, lead in ways others will appreciate or resolve conflict with ease.

Do you truly know who you are? Are you clear about your value system, how you communicate, what you need in relationships, what rubs you the wrong way? Most importantly, do you know why you are built the way you are built?

What about other people? Do you know how to build relationships, communicate with, and motivate people of different personalities? Do you wish you could do so more easily?

Basically, are you keen to build healthier, happier and more vibrant relationships everywhere in your life while also learning to understand yourself better?

I wanted all of these things – and that’s what inspired me to find the tools, tips, techniques and knowledge to better understand myself and the people around me.

One of these tools is the Personality Dimensions® material.

For me, this system helped make people make sense in a way they never had before. And I understood myself in a way I had never considered.

Equipped with the knowledge it provided me, I have learned to relate to, communicate with, motivate, lead, hire, and teach in ways that feel good to others as well as to myself.

I’d like to share what I learned with YOU.

Join us for this 1-day Building GREAT Relationships workshop where you will learn about personality using an easy-to- use, fun and quick-to- master tool for analyzing personality… Personality Dimensions® .

  • Discover your strengths, stressors, and values as well as those of others around you
  • Understand those you find most different, frustrating or hard to serve
  • Develop better strategies to relate to, communicate with and engage everyone

For more information on the four temperaments and about the Personality Dimensions® system, please visit: http://www.personalitydimensions.com

If you’re intrigued and would love to be able to run these workshops yourself, then check out my 3-day Personality Dimensions Level 1 Certification course here.


Facilitator: Heather Elliott

I have a passion for helping people to know who they are, value themselves, and grow and develop to their greatest potential. I am a Level 2 Personality Dimensions trainer and have delivered this workshops to 100’s of people for a variety of reasons – teambuilding, relationship building, customer service, career planning, parenting, learning, conflict resolution, and better communication. For more about me, please go here.

Facilitator: Caitlin Mclaughlin

I learned the Personality Dimensions system when I was 10 and have loved it ever since. I am a Level 1 Personality Dimensions trainer and a professor – and I use this in my classroom every day. I use it to understand my students. Because of this system, I am extremely aware of each student’s strengths and values – and I use that knowledge to help them grow, work in teams, and learn. I think that understanding my colleagues and students makes me a better teacher – and I am eager to share this system with others.

What others have said about this Workshop & the Facilitator:

“So interesting to find out more about my own personality and how we can be so similar to or different than people we are close to Eg. Family members or co-workers.”

“Extremely interesting and engaging material given in a fun environment. Didn’t feel like I was being talked at but instead encouraged to participate.”

“I feel this workshop is good for everybody!”

“Presenter was awesome! A very likable person that kept us all interested and attentive.”

“The feeling you had at the end of the workshop – an AHA moment. Really made you stop and think and reflect about people. It put certain things into perspective. Presentation was fun.”

“The best part was observing my colleagues’ interactions with one another. The activity encouraged us all to look a little deeper, beyond appearances to get a better understanding of “what makes us tick.”

“I really enjoy these types of courses. I find you can never learn too much about yourself and others. This information is always useful for personal growth and personal and professional interactions.”

“Enjoyed the level of participation, moving around and small team work. Enjoyed the course material. Enjoyed the instructor and her level of interaction.”

“Heather really knows her stuff. She was engaging and knowledgeable and really kept everyone’s attention during the exercises or information she was supplying to the class. Everyone’s ideas and thoughts were heard, accepted and debated in a helpful and constructive manner that made everyone comfortable to contribute – even the shyest participants.”

“Information gave everyone the ability to see their co-workers and to maybe take a different approach with them the next time they deal with one another. One may think twice about how to treat others based on what they learned.”

“This course opened my eyes as to the reasons people are how they are. It will help me to deal with fellow employees, friends and acquaintances that much better. A very useful tool!”

“This workshops is very useful for groups of people that work together who are a mix of age/generation. I found it helped me to learn to choose a “level playing field” for whatever the human interaction may be. The course was certainly an ‘eye opener’. It was appropriate and very well delivered.”

“It was interesting to solidify my own personality and to see what my team dynamic was.”

“Heather provides a very informative workshop. Not only is it useful and very interesting but she makes the entire day really fun and light.”

“The relaxed atmosphere albeit structured was great. I believe the course leader makes all the difference. Heather was awesome!”