About Heather Elliott

In a world where it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, uncertain of your purpose, and sometimes even powerless to create the future you want, wouldn’t you rather become a hero than have one?

Hi, I’m Heather Elliott, and I help people bring to life what they admire, aspire to, and hold dear while helping them walk through fear and limitation with strength and grace.

Isn’t that what heroes do, anyway? They embody success, live with purpose, feel fulfilled, face problems without wavering, understand themselves and others, and enjoy the rewards of their lifestyle.

For some of my clients, that means finally starting their own business. For others, it’s leading their company into record-breaking profits. And for all of them, it’s about understanding themselves and others well enough to break through the invisible barriers that keep them from living the life of their dreams.

I love what I do and the results my clients experience. But I didn’t always have a great life or understand what makes me and others tick.

I was a brainiac kid who got along with adults but struggled with peers. And once I was an adult, I strayed in my first marriage and made a royal mess of things. For someone who rarely made mistakes, that was devastating…

Frankly, I hated what I’d done and didn’t feel very good about myself for a while. If you’d have told me back then how great my life would be now or that I’d help other people break through frustrating limits, I’d have thought you were nuts.

But I would have hoped you were right—that there was something more, something better. If only I knew how to get it…

It was that hope that had always been at the helm of my life, career and and eventually my business. In the beginning of my career, it is what inspired me to earn a B.A. in Psychology and a B. Ed. in Business Education and Special Education.

I put it all together, went out into the real world, and promptly realized that textbooks don’t always match experience. (You can go ahead and have a good chuckle at my naive younger self. I did!)

However, by that time, I knew there definitely was something more. And I knew the mind was at the centre of it. So I headed back to school in the late 80’s and early 90’s to learn about the mind and its role in creating my world. You see I was a bit of a control freak… I wanted to master my world – I wanted control!

Finding my answers in a very unconventional school, I then sought out a way to help others who were stuck. When I found it, I got my license and opened Mindful Change where I started to make real, lasting change in the lives of people I worked with. And at the same time, I started getting answers to the questions that had begun to drive me – Who are we? How does life REALLY work?

Every day I got more pieces of the puzzle! Since 2005 I have proven to myself the ‘illusory’ nature of reality. I have also unlocked the powerful being that I am. Rather than my power being locked in people and events ‘out there’, outside of my control, it has shifted within to be locked into whatever I place my focus upon.

And most importantly – It worked. It worked for me, my business, my clients, and my clients’ businesses. And it keeps working.

My journey has helped me find and create a second marriage filled with love, acceptance, and support. It has also allowed my business to prosper. It’s led client after client to personal empowerment, business success, happier professional and personal lives, and improved relationships at work and at home.

It has helped me to figure out why one person made it big, seemingly flying by the seat of her pants, while another had a brilliant business plan but only saw mild success, I started looking for the answer to the most powerful question out there… Why?

What I do isn’t a recently discovered secret previously hidden away by monks or some lost society. In fact, it’s been around a while and there’s plenty of science that goes with it.

Traditionally, it’s been used to help people overcome personal issues or for those who are just curious about life and want to understand how things work. Business applications simply weren’t developed.

But what I discovered is that Mindful Change works great for ANY issue. You don’t have to be failing or even struggling in the traditional sense. Mindful Change is about melting away the invisible barriers that hold you back regardless of level.

It works just as well for the CEO struggling to break into 7 or 8-figure income as it does for the person whose insecurity leaves her feeling unheard and unfulfilled. The desired outcome is different for each client, but the solution is addressing personal limitations in a way that goes beyond finding them and into dissolving them.

So, that’s a little about me, what I do, and how I help.

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