Fear comes up as a limiting factor for most people. It can be around money, self-worth, love, success, failure, or any number of other things. But when it’s there, it changes who you are and how you behave.

If you have angst about money, you may suddenly stop and think about a purchase you’re about to make. Or you may have enough to take a trip but fret that something will come up later to make you regret it.

Worrying about success (or the failure that may follow it) may cause you to sabotage your efforts. Having concerns about your self-worth can lead to you settle for something (or someone) who isn’t a good fit for your life.

Why does fear come up and stay with us so easily?

The reason why any emotion stays with you is because you allow it in your life. Every time it comes up, you validate it by listening to it and dwelling on it.

You play the “what if” game with yourself, playing out every possible thing that might go wrong. Unless you stop it, your mind runs wild and gets creative in ways that reinforce your apprehensiveness.

Before long, and typically for false reasons, something that once excited you suddenly gives you the willies

What’s the solution?

Part of how you work with this is that when the fear comes up, you need to have a list of things that you’re going to look at to help you take control of your mind again. You can keep the list on your computer or phone, carry it on a notecard in your purse or wallet, or use whatever. The important part is having something you can bring up to remind yourself in that moment that your life is fine.

Having a detailed list of why life is fine, how your life is different than it was when the limiting belief first formed, and what you’ve learned that makes your fear invalid can help you reclaim your hijacked mind and put you in control again.

Some Helpful Options

  1. There are many articles on this blog with free tips and information to help you on your journey to living a mindful life with less fear.
  2. If you prefer a more concentrated self-help version, check out my book: Same Shit Different Day
  3. If you’d like some one-on-one help, click here: Discovery Session