Our Purpose

Our purpose is two-fold. First, we provide a mirror that shows individuals the powerful creators they are. Second, we teach them to unlock, examine, and rewrite the stories that are the blueprints of their lives. Every person exists to share in love and abundance, and Mindful Change connects each mind that it touches to that purpose.

What we believe

Mindful Change is founded on five core beliefs:

Life is perfect.  Nothing random, accidental, or wrong happens in our universe. Is is a SYMPHONY of events held together by a loving intelligence carried within each of us.

Every person is unbroken.  Each of us is a perfect spiritual being experiencing a human life. Happiness, abundance, and joy are available to everyone who learns to live as the CREATOR of their life.

Life is a virtual reality.  We are the authors of our lives – POWERFUL generative beings who create our own realities. By understanding the mind, we can fulfill our potential to create the future.

The mind is the key to unlock our true potential.  The Mindful Change Process changes the FOUNDATION of an individual’s reality, leading to immediate and long-lasting shifts in people’s lives.

Mindful Change is the future of psychology.

 “Your mind is the author of your life. Meet your mind, change your life.”

Heather Elliott

Leader, Mindful Change™


Our Purpose & Beliefs

Our purpose is two-fold…

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