Awakened Entrepreneur Masterclass


  • Do you feel in control of your business?
  • Are you confident in your decision-making?
  • Are you operating your business from the spirit of abundance?

If you answered ‘no’ to any or all of these questions no need for alarm.

You’re like most of us who are learning to incorporate spiritual principles into all aspects of our life. That’s why I’ve developed this curriculum.

The Awakened Entrepreneur Masterclass is designed for business owners and leaders who want to be extraordinary.

In this 12-week online Masterclass, you’ll learn to apply your Spirit’s deep intelligence to the practical matters of owning and operating a business. You’ll discover WHO your business is, and how to work WITH it to achieve the prosperous results you desire.


You will learn how to:

  • make marketing and selling FEEL GOOD.
  • make networking FUN and INSPIRING.
  • make meaningful work and fulfilling clients FLOW to you.
  • make decisions about your business come EASILY.
  • ATTRACT amazing customers, partners, and staff who really FIT.
  • Get your business working for you, SHARING in the challenges of work and HELPING increase the rewards.

Next Awakened Entrepreneur Masterclass: October 2019

Each week, you and 7 other awakened entrepreneurs will meet with Mindset Expert Heather Elliott for a 90-minute session that includes:

  • GUIDED DISCUSSION about your entrepreneurial experiences, desires, and challenges.
  • A MASTER LESSON on the week’s focus (topics are given below).
  • Access to your INTERNAL WISDOM and that of your entrepreneur peers.
  • A selection of HOMEWORK assignments for discussion the following week, keeping you accountable and moving forward in your journey.
  • Supplementary resource material and VIDEO recordings of each session that you can replay as needed.
  • Ongoing SUPPORT and connection through a Facebook group.

You will experience:

  • A NEW WAY of engaging with your business rooted in abundance and co-creation.
  • RELEASE from old, outdated approaches to business, marketing, sales, networking, and money that feel out of alignment with your true self.
  • A FRAMEWORK to reshape your business using new rules of spirit and abundance.
  • ALIGNMENT between your business and your spirit.
  • CLARITY in decision-making and tools to be certain about what’s right for your business.
  • CONFIDENCE in your business decisions.
  • A new ability to easily ASSIMILATE or discard the volume of business advice and opinions that surround you.
  • WISDOM to run a thriving, abundant, and satisfying business.

Kim’s experience:

“Abundance in all forms has definitely been turned up a notch and it’s through effort LESS rather than effort MORE.”
Kim Sarasin
Founder, The Queen of Hearts

This Masterclass is exclusively for entrepreneurs like you.

You’re going to finish this Masterclass FEELING GREAT and making BETTER DECISIONS in partnership with your business.

Awakened Entrepreneur alumni confirm it:

I wanted to change the dynamic of my business. I was unsatisfied because I felt that my business was not moving forward. I was tired of repeating the same things and getting the same results. The Awakened Entrepreneur Masterclass helped me let go of the ‘old thinking’ that was holding me back. I was able to pinpoint the disconnect between myself and my business, and I’m now taking the necessary steps to close that gap. Everything feels new and amazing.
Elaine Jamieson

Founder, Concept Brokerage, Inc.

I closed a 16-year-old business after many unsatisfying years and was floundering. I wanted a business that would combine my talents and passions. A business that would FEEL GOOD and feed my spirit. The Awakened Entrepreneur Masterclass brought everything together for me, and I’m now on an exciting new business journey that is very ‘me’. The lessons learned and the connections I made in the Masterclass are invaluable, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a business that is an expression of their true self.
Maria Ford

Founder, Phrase Strategy

The Awakened Entrepreneur Masterclass provided a space where I could reinforce my commitment to living in a state of expansion, and to extend that to my business and work life. It was a place I could return to every week and be with people who are doing the same work, who are in the same headspace. The Masterclass gave me a framework to fix the disconnect I felt between my spirit and my business.
Ashley Ryan

Founder, Her Smart Marketing

Up-level your business or create a new one!

You will ALSO become part of the Awakened Group – alumni of the Masterclass who connect regularly, receive ongoing support from Heather, keep each other inspired and accountable.

Over 12 weeks, the Masterclass will explore these topics:

1. New Story, New Rules
2. Connecting to Higher Self
3. Connecting with The WHO of Your Business
4. Authenticity & Choosing Love Over Fear in Business
5. Following Your Inner Map
6. Flowing & Being Present
7. Mastering Judgements
8. Aligning Business with Abundance
9. Money Mindset
10. Networking & Selling from Abundance
11. Branding & Marketing Authentically
12. Pulling It All Together: Partnering with Your Business

2019/2020 SCHEDULE

(1:00-2:30 pm Eastern Time)

October 15, 22, 29
November 5, 12, 19, 26
December 3, 10, 17
January 14, 21

This Masterclass is limited to 8 participants.

Questions? Contact Heather.