Your relationships are part of the story of you, and your mind is the author. Mindful Change™ gives you the knowledge, tools, and path to change the relationships in your world.

Who it’s for

The Mindful Change Process is ideal for anyone looking for real change in their relationship(s), including in love, family, at work, or in business. It’s an awesome match if you’re the type of person or partnership who:

  • Knows you can do more and be more in your relationships
  • Wants to integrate your spiritual truths into your relationships with others, in practical ways
  • Wants to become more successful by understanding and utilizing each other’s strengths, rather than enhancing each other’s weaknesses
  • Know that using your mind wisely is KEY to creating the relationships you desire
  • Is ready to ask yourself difficult questions
  • Is curious about the mind, how it works, and how to make it work better, especially as it relates to other minds
  • Believe that ABUNDANCE and success can be achieved joyfully

“Since Mindful Change, my husband and I are in such a better place. We are able to talk and carry on conversations without fighting, screaming, or my being over sensitive and crying. We are all doing so much better since our sessions. Thank you from the bottom of our and my heart. Thank you for saving us.”

Small business owner


What you can accomplish

The process can create immediate and long-lasting results, whether you feel “stuck” in a dissatisfying relationship, want to understand and break destructive patterns that appear in your relationships, or wish to optimize the expression and flow of your relationships.

These are concerns that the Mindful Change Process routinely addresses in individuals and relationships:

Self-esteem and self-empowerment.

Get in the driver’s seat of your relationship! Strengthen your self-trust, personal power, and self-confidence in relation to others. Eliminate the sense that you can’t move forward because of your partner. Resolve relational patterns such as co-dependence, fighting, mistrust, avoidance, and withdrawal.

Unwanted patterns

Understand why the people in your life are there and attract more of the kinds of people you want into your life. Remove frustrating and limiting relational patterns, such as feeling constantly repeating the same argument, or continuously hurting/ being hurt by others.

Sexuality and body issues

Build trust and feel comfortable in your skin; enjoy sharing love, touch, and sexuality with your partner. Resolve limiting beliefs and issues related to sexuality and body image that arise in your romantic relationships.


Increase your self-worth, personal power, and self-love to improve trust, respect, and joy in your relationship. Change how past trauma affects your life and relationships today, including childhood trauma, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Limiting beliefs

Move your relationship forward to the goals you desire. Eliminate any chronic fears, phobias, guilt, shame, and past trauma that express themselves in your relationships. Release any limiting beliefs and allow your relationships to flourish.

Social awkwardness

Feel comfortable in social situations, freely engage with others and enjoy their company. Eliminate nervousness and mistrust in conversation and social settings.

Interpersonal conflict

Resolve interpersonal challenges related to anger and control. Reduce or eliminate interpersonal conflicts between yourself and others

Spiritual connection

Increase your spiritual connection to yourself, your spouse, partner, or child.

“Every one of our relationships reflect some part of who we are – they are indicators of something in our own mind. Our relationships are here to show us what we need to look at in ourselves. They are powerful clues to understand and change how our minds work and who we are in the world.”

Heather Elliott

Leader, Mindful Change™


What to expect

The Mindful Change Process can be experienced individually or as a partnership. Prior to working on Mindful Change with a partner, you will complete an individual Mindful Change Process.

The process will be completely unique to you – the science and system behind it are the foundation.

You’ll experience the day-long session(s) either in person or by video conference. This is what you can expect:

  1. Schedule your Mindful Change Process session
  2. Complete an intake form at least one week prior to your session
  3. Experience the day-long process (6-8 hours) in either one session or two half-day sessions
  4. Receive a written review of your session for future reference
  5. A follow-up coaching session 6 weeks after the day-long process

During the session, you will be guided to explore your beliefs you’ve formed based on the people and experiences in your life. These experiences have shaped who you are, your role in life, your value in the world, and the level of success you’re comfortable with. You’ll learn why you formed those beliefs and how they affect your world today.

You’ll then peel back the layers of this conditioning to expose the truth of who you have always been. Contained within that truth will be a new set of beliefs and a new story for ease and success in relationships, casting aside all limiting beliefs. You’ll also connect with new behaviors and ways of being that frees you to create a life full of the relationships you desire.

We are wired to connect with others

There’s no reason to spend another minute living with beliefs, blocks, and pain that keep you from experiencing deep and satisfying connection with others. Every person exists to share in life’s abundance, and Mindful Change exists to connect you to that purpose.
Mindful Change will introduce you to the powerful creator you are, and will teach you to unlock, examine, and rewrite the stories that are the blueprints of your self and your relationships.