Mindful Change Process


Mindful Change Process

Your life is a three-dimensional representation of your mind – it’s a story that you write, star in, direct, and witness. Dissatisfaction occurs when you’re unaware of your story or don’t realize that you’re in control of it.

The Mindful Change™ Process does in a single day what traditional therapy or coaching takes months and years to do. It unlocks the story at the source of your reality, immediately clears blocks, and empowers you to write a new version of the life, profession, business, or relationship you want.

A Mindful Change Process is the first step for everyone we work with. In this day-long session, we’ll meet the mind and transform the story that’s responsible for your experience in any of these areas:


Experience a real shift in how your life works and take control of how your story unfolds. During the day-long process, you will meet the mind that’s at work making your life is at it is; you’ll become empowered to change patterns you don’t like and will receive tools to create the life you want.


Break through the blocks that hold you back in your career or your business. During the day-long process, you will meet the mind that’s responsible for your professional life; you’ll clear the path to move ahead; and, you’ll begin to create the professional life or business of your dreams.


Become at ease in your relationships and attract the people you want into your life. During the day-long process, you will meet the mind that causes your relationships to unfold as they do. You’ll learn to change old patterns and welcome the relationships that support the life you want.

“You are consciously aware of only five to eight percent of your mind – but that means you’re likely unaware of 92-95% of the script that creates your life! Learning to access, influence and shape the part you aren’t aware of is what Mindful Change™ is about.”

Heather Elliott

Leader, Mindful Change™