People like to throw around the idea of gratitude. There are even gratitude journals, lists, and apps available.

All of those things are okay as long as you realize that the important part is having a living and active practice of gratitude, not keeping a list of things you like. Use them as tools to help you accomplish your goal of focusing on the positive.

Gratitude works in healthy relationships, too. (If you’d like to hear an example of this in real life, check out my podcast with a client, Sue, who was having relationship issues ➔ Episode 002, Love and Abundance.)

Being grateful not only allows you to focus on the positive things in life, but it also allows the negative things to slide away.

If your partner doesn’t want to do something you love and you respect that choice, the fight you would have had about it, the resentment they would have felt at the attempted force, and the conflict between you all simply melt away.

You can do the thing you love by yourself, or you can be thankful for the times your partner did it with you and choose to find something new that you both enjoy.

You have to be patient to get to the wisdom of love.

Most people’s problems are because they go into fear and defense when there is a difference of opinion. They, demand their rights, create more fear, and escalate all of the negative aspects of what is happening.

Love will walk away from those situations, not take the bait for an argument, trust that the other person loves you, and meet each moment from respect.

It’s okay not to like the situation, but have love for yourself and love for your partner. Be grateful for all the good, kind, supportive, and loving actions they have taken in the past. Trust that all of that is still there, even when you disagree about something.

If you choose to shift your focus, to genuinely feel gratitude for the other person, love will often sort out disagreements with kindness and respect.

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