You shouldn’t follow your dreams

Following means that you’re always behind, forever chasing something just out of reach. That’s no way to live. Instead, use your dreams as inspiration and bring them to life.

Your dreams are important, and the reality is that you have a limited time to release them from your head and heart and grow them into this world. As cliché as it is, none of us lives forever.

When it comes to something as important as your dreams, why procrastinate?

Here are some practical strategies:

Write out your dreams and spend some time thinking about them. While there’s no reason to follow your dreams, sorting through the ones that are genuinely important to you and those that are only fun ideas is vital.

How do you know the difference? If you aren’t willing to work to bring a dream to life, it’s just a fun thought. And it’s okay to have ideas that you’re content to leave unrealized. However, not knowing the difference is tragic.

Prioritize your dreams. Once you know what your dreams are, prioritize them.

You can pick the order based on the one(s) that matter most or on the easiest to achieve. Either style is fine, but one version will suit your personality better. So, choose that method.

Get started. Following your dreams doesn’t take a lot of effort. You just stumble around behind them and hope you eventually bump into one. However, bringing your dreams to life takes work.

How much work? That varies based on the dream, but there will be some. And while I could tell you that making your dreams come true won’t feel like work, that’s not completely honest.

If you’re doing something new, there’s a learning curve that goes with it. Your comfort zone will sometimes stretch. Fears and insecurities might pop up and require that you refocus on love and abundance.

But when your dream is no longer just in your head and heart—when it’s out in the world, something you’ve built through a labor of love, and you know the joy of its existence—it’ll be worth it.