You clean your home, get haircuts, buy new clothes when the ones you’ve been wearing wear out, change the oil in your vehicle or renew your public transit pass, and go to meetings and seminars aimed at more efficient performance.

But, how often do you do maintenance on your thoughts?

It’s a strange question, but a valid one.

You Live by Your Thoughts and Beliefs

WhyYouCan'tEvery decision you make—every action, reaction, behaviour, comment, freedom, and limit—comes from your thoughts and beliefs.

And yet, many people go through an entire life without examining if those thoughts and beliefs still serve them.

Considering that some formed when you were a toddler, it’s very likely that part of your thoughts and beliefs aren’t even true anymore.

It’s an Inside Job

Do you hate your work, struggle with a relationship, feel like you can’t take the vacation you dream of, or long for a different lifestyle?

You believe that things can’t be better because of an external thing, person, or situation. You think that the external reason leaves you incapable or unworthy of reaching your dream.

However, I’ve found that, for the vast majority of people, the actual reason is a limiting thought or belief.

A Deeper Why

Here’s a great exercise that top businesses use when they face a seemingly insurmountable problem.

Next time you catch yourself thinking that you or anyone else is incapable or unworthy of achieving a dream, ask yourself, “Why?” until you’ve answered five layers of ‘why.’

For example:

I don’t make enough money.


I don’t have a job that pays well enough.


It was the only job I was offered.


I didn’t have enough training for other jobs.


I couldn’t afford to invest in more training.


I didn’t believe I was worth the effort of investing in more training and didn’t think anyone would ever hire me for a great job even if I got the training.

The external money problem turned out to be an internal lack of confidence and self-worth when “why” was repeatedly asked.

Asking five times gets you closer to the real ‘why’ and, most of the time, it will get to the root of what you believe that is limiting your life.

A Mental Tune-up

Given that your thoughts and beliefs are the rules you live by, it’s worthwhile to examine them regularly. Keep the things that are working and get rid of the things that aren’t.

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