You know those goals and desires you want but never seem to bring to life? There’s a reason why, and it isn’t because you don’t know what to do.

If there’s something you’re interested enough in to want, it’s highly likely that you know how to get it. And yet, you don’t.


Succeeding isn’t about knowing how to do things. Knowing ‘why’ helps, but even that falls short sometimes.

Succeeding is about doing things—even when you don’t feel like doing them.

If you can overcome your feelings and take action, your life will change. Until then, when your thoughts and feelings don’t match, your feelings will always win. And when your feelings win, your dreams remain ideas that never come to life.

How do you get past not feeling like it?

Mel Robbins gave a TEDx Talk in 2011 where she shares what she calls the 5-Second Rule.

Essentially, the rule states that when you think about your goal or desire, physically move and take action on it within 5 seconds.

The action doesn’t have to be major.

Possible options include:

  • Calling someone who already has experience with what you want to do and getting their input about a good starting point
  • Searching the web to see how other people brought similar dreams to life
  • Setting up a meeting to discuss your ideas with a helpful contact
  • If you want to open a business, see if you can volunteer or spend a day at a similar business to experience the pros and cons in person

The action might seem insignificant at first, but each time you physically move when you think about your dreams, you’ll make it easier to conquer your feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty, or insecurity and bring your dreams to life.