Your mind and your reality are connected. And if you want a better, happier, more abundant, and more wonderful life then paying attention to your mind and being aware of what you think about and how you’re feeling is a really important part of how you get there.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness in some form or another since probably the early 1990’s. It wasn’t anything somebody taught me; it was just something that made sense to me. So, I did it naturally.

And now, I’m bringing it more “out of the closet” and teaching other people to do what I have learned.

Discovering a Unique Approach

I had a group of students go through my course in 2015. They were a very aware group of people who were very spiritually enlightened. They were in a number of different jobs and that type of thing, but they all shared the common theme of spirit, their love of evolution, and their desire to continue to improve themselves as people.

At the very start of my course, I introduced the idea of mindfulness the way I’d learned it, and it was news to them. As much as they were aware and they practiced awareness—they were conscious thinkers who thought before they spoke, etc.—looking at the mind the way I did was something they hadn’t thought to do before.

So, that’s when it occurred to me that maybe people need to know how to do this. Before that course, I’d assumed that people knew how to do it. But when I met these students, I realized that maybe my way is a unique approach.

It’s kind of like if you put something under a microscope and can suddenly see a whole bunch of detail that you couldn’t see when you just looked at it with your naked eye. Well, that’s what my students started doing with their minds.

And being part of my course, they were learning about how their mind and their reality is intimately linked.

When they started seeing their mind at more of a microscopic level—seeing how they put thought together, seeing how their belief system was formed, seeing how these all tied together to make them the person that they are today—they then sought, in a very real format, what their mind was really all about.

And so, it just helped them to take responsibility and improve their lives to make them happier, healthier, and more abundant.

Can Mindfulness Help You?

You are consciously aware of five to eight percent of your mind. That means there is about 92-95% of your mind that you are unaware of on a moment-to-moment basis.

Since your mind is the ‘script’ from which you create your reality, 92-95% is a big percentage to be unconscious about.

How much of your mind are you unaware of that is deeply affecting the reality you experience from moment to moment?

Learning to influence and shape the part you aren’t aware of is what makes mindfulness such a powerful tool for anyone willing to use it.

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