You’re all ready for change — you’ve set a goal, created a deadline, and you’re looking forward to the results of your work.

Now if only you knew what to do to actually make it happen.

I’m teasing a bit here, but you’d be surprised how many clients I see who want their lives to improve without changing anything. And let me tell you, that isn’t how it works.

Now, the change doesn’t have to be drastic. In fact, it’s much better if it isn’t.

Your long-term goal can (and typically should) be drastic. However, the steps you take to get to it need to be small enough that they sit just outside your comfort zone but just inside what you’re willing to do.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the changes that worked in the past to get you to your current level may not work to get you to the next level.

Some phases of life require that you let go and flow with things. Other phases require structure and routine. But regardless of what you want, in order to get different results, you’re going to have to change something.

And to do that, you need a ‘next step’ to get you started. So, let’s look at how you go about finding your next step.

First, commit to a specific result. Then list out the things that need to happen for that result to become real. Then prioritize your list. Pick the top priority and list what needs to happen before you check it off as completed. Finally, prioritize that list.

The first step of getting your top priority done is your next step toward change.

Depending on what change you’re trying to make, you might be able to start with the top three priorities. But if you’re new to changing things and just the thought of it overwhelms you, stick with one at a time.

You’ll get increasingly better at changing your habits and, as you do, success will come increasingly faster. But to start with, it’s far better to be changing a little bit than to be overwhelmed and changing nothing.

And, as always, I’m here to help. Contact me at or call me at 613.601.1083, and we’ll set up a 30-minute discovery session if you need some guidance.

As you get ready to change, remember this quote:

“You may not reach anywhere with a single step; but with it, you open the door leading to infinity!”
~Mehmet Murat ildan

Next time we’ll talk about what to do when you’re doing everything right, but you’re not getting anywhere.

Have a fantastic week!