Changing your life can involve digging in, learning new skills, and working hard. However, sometimes the only way to get results is by letting go.

Don’t confuse letting go with failing.

  • If you have a limiting belief and you don’t let it go, you’ll live the rest of your life stuck in the same pattern.
  • If you’re in a toxic relationship, hanging on isn’t good for either of you. Letting go isn’t failing; it’s admitting that it isn’t working.
  • If you hate your job, your performance will suffer in a way that hurts you and your employer. You can always look for another job before you leave this one.

If you don’t want to let go because it feels like admitting defeat, how is hanging on to something that’s making you miserable going to help you win?

Letting go feels scary.

  • The known feels safer than the unknown. But if you don’t let go, things can’t improve. Even if the new thing you try doesn’t work, as long as you’re alive, you can try again.
  • You’re hanging on for a reason. Figure out what it is. Once you’re aware of it, you may be a lot less afraid.

Letting go is liberating.

  • Hanging on takes a lot of mental and physical energy. When you let go, that energy can be used for things you’re passionate about. Or, it can get rid of the constant tiredness you may feel now.
  • And energy probably isn’t the only resource you’ve been sinking into something that doesn’t work for you. There’s a point when trying to repair a car is more expensive than getting a new one. That principle applies to more than just cars.

Letting go allows you to experience an expanded range of possibilities.

  • When all of your focus is dedicated to hanging on, you miss the exponential value of allowing spontaneity in your life. You push away people and experiences that aren’t connected to your focus, but in doing so, you miss out on all the connections and options that come from embracing all of life.
  • That limits the opportunities to add value to others and extra meaning to your life.
  • And frankly, it limits the amount of joy, peace, and connectedness you experience.

There is a time to hang on, work through challenges, dig deep, and avoid distraction. But there is also a time to take the lessons you’ve learned, embrace new opportunities, and let go of what’s not working.

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