I used to think that being ‘comfortable’ was a goal in life – you know that place where you have enough money, you have a good job, your family is OK, you have good friends, a good marriage, and a nice life. Everything is neatly in its place and there is no stress!

From where I sit today I see all of that comfort almost like a prison – you become complacent – you’re no longer hungry – you’re no longer focused on moving forward. You’re like a leaf caught in the eddy of a stream – going round and round in the same place.

I feel like life has taught us to be this way – to search for this comfort – that this comfort is somehow what we strive for. For me that is how I was taught it should be.

But when I reflect back on my life, it is the discomfort, all of the challenges, the times when I was afraid, or the times that I pushed myself to do something because I so wanted it – these weren’t comfortable times and yet they were the defining moments in my life. These are the moments that allowed me to reach for and become the FUTURE ME.