I have a question for you. How trusting are you of your life? How connected do you really feel to the world you experience on a moment-to-moment basis?

I work with someone right now who is battling the fear that comes up when you cannot see your future. Watching her go through this process is challenging. On the one hand she knows life is ‘her choice’ while, on the other hand, she is still not clear about her next step.

This is compounded by the fact that she must move from her apartment within the next 17 days, she needs to hire a moving company to move her furniture somewhere, and she is not yet sure where she will work so cannot identify the ‘city’ where she will live.

Schooled in the truth that she is in charge of her life, she has created her vision card(s) as instructed and focused on answers. But answers have still not come. And each day that dawns that still lacks clarity marks a new level of anxiety.

She has shown such courage through this whole process, refusing to buckle under to the fear and doubt that gnaws at her from inside.

Understanding that there is only NOW – that reality is only in this moment, that there is no past or future, and that things can change ‘at any moment’ and she will have her answers, she bravely marches on. She busies herself with things that she can get done and clamps down on the fears that want to disrupt her focus on her NOW.

Right NOW everything is fine. Right NOW she has a home. Right NOW her money issue is fine. Right NOW, she doesn’t need an answer.

She ruthlessly guards her sense of CALM and PEACE so that her knowingness, her inner map, can quietly show her what she needs to do.

In the absence of knowing her ‘end destination’ she is forced to awaken each morning, ask the question ‘what will today be about’ and listen to her heart/intuition for its answer. She accepts the inner direction without question. She trusts her heart and knows that she will be led to the exact right thing, the exact right opportunity, the exact right people. And in the end, she will fully understand why she had to travel this pathway so blindly and why it couldn’t have been easier.

Over the years, I have traveled this exact path. I don’t know how many times I have been backed into corners and asked to travel blind to destinations I could not see and results I had no clue I would achieve.

But I had an AWESOME teacher who taught me well to trust my inner guidance system when I couldn’t see where I was going. He taught me how to navigate unseen waters and how to quell the fear that was inevitable when you can’t see.

And he taught me to trust the vision card – the destination I had set for myself. Through him, I learned to trust that I would be guided righteously to it and I need never have fear because if I remained true to my focus and I never deviated from it, I would arrive safely at my destination.

I was also taught to listen to my heart. Its voice is quiet and gentle and its guidance is clear when you are not afraid. It will show you the big picture when you are quiet and still. It will help you to see beyond your limited human vision and it will show you things you never understood before or could have imagined.

These are the things that I teach my client. I walk her path with her as she navigates the darkness elegantly as the divine being that she is. And I have absolute trust in the fact that she will be shown where she is to go and how to proceed as long – so long as she remains attuned to her heart.