After many years of ‘not doing anything’ about the gardens on our property, I decided to become very serious about having them.

Throughout the winter, I placed a great deal of focus on the things I desired to experience in my life; and the gardens were high on that list. I know that what I focus upon will expand, so I spent time each day carefully envisioning the gardens blooming around the property and I saw the deck at the front that was an important part of this landscaping shift. Every day I spent time visualizing and affirming the presence of these things on our property.

And then we did our tax return last weekend – and much to our surprise, we got a rather substantial refund that we had not anticipated. Immediately, I knew this was to be used for our gardens.

And that, for me, is how manifestation works. It is a great truth that what we focus upon does come into our lives.

But I’m a practical gal that needs the proof, and the story I tell above is not that odd for me anymore – I have demonstrated this ability repeatedly. The more I succeed in this, the more confident I grow in my ability to manifest easily and effortlessly. I still have learning to do in this regard, but it is a heck of a lot easier than it used to be!

I spent many years uncovering and transforming all of the fear and the doubt that ‘muddied’ my ability to create in this fashion. I also removed any thoughts or feelings that I didn’t deserve what I wanted and my limiting mindsets about how long things take or what needed to happen in order for things to ‘show up’ in my life. I reworked the beliefs around money, struggle, limitation and hardship – and I also removed all thought that I am separate from my world and what I desire.

I used my work with clients as well as the work on myself to uncover and transform all manner of limiting mindsets and emotional content that came from my upbringing or the society of which I have been a part. The way I viewed life was a ‘habit’ that my parents taught me and that society reinforced through the media. It wasn’t the truth – it was simply an accepted principle that I had to challenge repeatedly until I began to outgrow it. It took time, but it was well worth it because it has opened me to a far greater confidence in my ability to manifest my life as I desire to experience it.

So this year I have my gardens to look forward to. And as they unfold into our lives, I will give daily thanks for the POWER that is in all of us that made that happen.

And I will also use this manifestation as motivation to continue to CHOOSE my life as I desire it to be and to use my early morning time as well as my before bed time to focus upon and really create that which I desire to experience. I’m growing my WILL as a creator every time I do this. Every success I have further reinforces this truth until, one day, I will never again doubt that what I see in my mind will manifest in my world.

And there are NO limits.

That is my goal! What about you?