Do you ever get tired of doing all the things you have to do to make a living and move toward your goals? There’s a reason someone came up with the phrase “the daily grind.”

However, life doesn’t have to be a grind. You can feel alive, live with purpose, know you have meaning, and still make money and pursue your dreams.

I’m not saying that you’ll live the rest of your life challenge-free. Problem-solving can be highly rewarding and help you grow. I’m saying that it matters how you approach your daily life and any challenges you face.

Going from Point A to Point B Doesn’t Mean Following a Straight Line

Of course, some things need to happen for your goals to be realized. But instead of just checking off your to-do items, look for ways to add value to life.

Stopping the daily grind means:

  • Connecting with others
  • Finding the value and meaning in delays or challenges
  • Adding value to your life
  • Adding value to each person you interact with
  • Understanding why your big goals matter to you, and then interjecting some of that meaning into smaller daily tasks

Stop Living in the Future and Embrace the Present

Your life isn’t just a series of strategies or tactics geared to get you to a magical future. You’re alive NOW. Connecting with the people and events going on in your current life is priceless. And while it isn’t the point, those connections and experiences can lead to unexpected opportunities and greater success than you’ll have on your own.

If you’re only giving enough to get what you want right now because all that matters to you is your future, you’re limiting your opportunities and outcomes. And, life probably isn’t as much fun or as rewarding as it could be.

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