To get the ball rolling, let me ask you a question. If you’re a business owner, do you feel like you have enough customers?

If not, let’s talk strategy for getting more of what you want. (I’m going to stick to talking about customers, but realize that it applies to other areas of life, too.)

Business owners set up a 30-minute discovery session with me for one of a handful of problems, and ‘not enough customers’ is probably the most common issue.

That makes sense if you think about it, because it’s very different to work for yourself than it is to work for someone else.

You only had to apply once to win the job if you worked for someone else. But when you run your own business, you have to apply to every customer every day you do business.

Chances are high that there are more than enough people out there that need your help or product, but perhaps you’re not sure how to reach them. Have you tried several things and had some results but know that something’s missing or you’d be a lot busier?

Unlike a job that has a well-defined set of skills you need, customers and clients come with a large variety of expectations…many of them unspoken.

So, is the answer a better marketing strategy? Do you need to invest in an expensive media campaign? If you’ve been going to networking groups, are you just not in the right one for your business? Why do those things seem to work for other people while they aren’t working for you? Are you thinking, “Heather, just tell me!”?

Alright, alright! I won’t make you wait. But I’ll warn you that the solution may surprise you.

You probably don’t need a different external strategy; you need an internal one.

You see, if other people are having success from the same meetings, marketing strategies, network groups, and media plans that you’re using, the biggest difference is your mind-it’s the one thing that shows up in everything you do.

Now I’m not saying it’s your mind as in ‘you’re not as smart as those other people.’ That’s not it at all.

I’m talking about how you see yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or a service; the biggest thing that you’re selling is who you are.

When you want someone to buy your product or your services, you’re asking them to trust you, to believe that you have the solution they need, and to know that your product or service is worth every penny they spend on it.

If somewhere in your internal self-talk or self-image you don’t feel worthy of a successful business, don’t believe you deserve your customers’ trust, or you doubt your ability to deliver what the customer needs, you’ll subconsciously sabotage your efforts.

If you think that you might be selling yourself short, send me an email at or call me at 613.601.1083, and we’ll set up a 30-minute discovery session.

If you can’t relate to anything we’ve talked about but you know someone else who could really use this information, please forward this email to them.

Here’s what others have to say about the Mindful Change process:

“What I like most about Heather’s approach is that she moves beyond superficial theory and brings science into her work. In a very short time with Heather I could tell that she’s not your average coach; she has mastered her craft and has the science to back it up. In a world where everyone is a “law of attraction expert,” Heather stands out as being one who actually has the chops.”

~Steve Lowell – International Speaker & Professional Speaking Mentor,

“I started seeing Heather a little over 3 years ago and she has done what no other could do with me in 46 yrs. I am an extremely successful business woman, interior designer and mother of two; however I always felt that there was something really blocking me from reaching my true potential.

I was at a loss as to how to get past it, over it, or through it – but I was determined to find a way – one way or another! In working with Heather, my road blocks became very visible – even within the first session.

Today I feel more in control of my life, more at peace with me. I feel more confident that I can build a life I desire. I am calmer in relationships with others – able to understand them better – I’m more compassionate and open to them than ever before. This allows me to begin to build a relationship to a partner that I desire to experience. I have also achieved career success that tops what I had already achieved, and I possess a calmer attitude towards my life.”

~P.S., Television Personality, Business Owner, Mother to 2 fabulous children (my most important job!)

As you can see from my clients’ comments, sometimes changing limiting beliefs is extremely simple and fast, and other times it takes a little more work.

But you don’t have to go it alone, and things really can change. I’m here for you and you can always send me an email at:

Next week we’ll talk about money. (You won’t believe how much money one couple was bringing home each month while on the verge of bankruptcy! Seriously…it’s almost scandalous!) Our talk will be a lot more practical, but I think you’ll find their true story fascinating.

Our talks seem to go by so quickly! Here it is, already time for the quote of the week.

“Self-talk matters; pay attention to what you say to yourself because your mind believes you.”

Heather Elliott