Suzanne (not her real name) writes me an email indicating that she has done some work for someone who is now refusing to pay. Rather than having an honest conversation with Suzanne, this client is avoiding her. Furthermore, the client is blaming her for problems she had after the work had been done, refusing to pay because these things didn’t work out right. But she is also not giving Suzanne an opportunity to ‘fix things’.

A whole lot of stuff is going on here that is NOT ok! So Suzanne writes me to ask what to do.

My response to her might surprise you because it’s not so much about what she needs to do as it is about having her examine her own behaviour to ask ‘what in me attracted that?’

Suzanne’s client’s behavior is ‘out of integrity’. The client made a commitment to Suzanne, but chose not to keep it. Furthermore, she expects Suzanne to ‘suck it up’ and just deal. So I asked Suzanne to think about where she was out of integrity in her life – because what is happening in her business is a reflection of what is happening in her mind.

Well…. It turns out Suzanne is having an affair and has been for a number of months. Having an affair is a BIG deal for many reasons. But the biggest thing for me is that her ‘out of integrity’ behaviour with her husband is severe enough that it is now ‘attracting’ out-of-integrity behavior in her business.

People think that because an affair is ‘hidden’ and because your spouse doesn’t find out, it is going to be OK. We live under the illusion that as long as the other people ‘don’t find out’ all will be good – the main thing is to not upset or hurt other people.

But you need to realize that this behaviour is dishonest – it lacks integrity. And when you are sneaky and dishonest with people while lying to them and making it OK, it is going to come back to bite you in the butt!

The law of attraction is ALWAYS working – whether we like what we are experiencing or not.

The second thing – your world is ALWAYS telling you something about you.

Of late, I have been called to coach my clients on the need to ‘clean up’ their world – meaning, pay attention to the energy you are putting out into the world at all times because it is coming back to you – more quickly than ever before – in the form of people, events, and circumstances in your life.

It really DOES MATTER whether you tell the truth, whether you treat people well, and whether you pour love into the world or hate, fear, anger, jealousy, etc. Because your world is your mirror, and what you put out will come back.

So think about what’s in your life – if you have negative people or events that you are dealing with, what does that tell you about your mind, the beliefs you hold, the energy of the thought from which your reality is being created?

Life really IS under your control!

Have a fantastic and integrity-filled week