It’s raining as I write this, and the soft pitter-patter drummed up the following Vivian Greene quote:

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Despite the popularity of the quote, how many people do you know who have actually danced in the rain as an adult?


Some might say the quote isn’t meant to be literal. It’s more about accepting that you can’t change everything and will be happier making the best of what you have.

I disagree.

That interpretation means the storm is a negative situation.

I think a storm is just a storm. It isn’t malicious. It doesn’t want to ruin or change your plans. It also doesn’t want to replenish your water supply, water your plants, or clean the dust off of things.

Regardless of any judgment you make about it, the storm simply is.

Learning to Dance

Waiting for a storm to pass is like waiting for someone to love you. Waiting to have enough money to travel. Waiting until you lose weight to go out and have adventures. Waiting for…

Although Vivian Greene’s quote is pretty, if it were up to me, I’d edit it. Here’s my version:

Life is not about waiting.

Take off your raincoat, put away your umbrella, and feel the cool, wet drops kiss your face and slide down your body like a teasing and tender caress.

If you want to dance in the rain, dance. If you want love, love yourself. If you want to travel, find a way. If you want adventures, have them.

If fear, doubt, or thoughts of unworthiness are stopping you, it’s time to get rid of your limiting beliefs.

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