This morning was a challenging morning – lots on the go, lots to accomplish in order to be fully prepared for this week’s training program for students who are learning to do what I do – Transform Limiting Beliefs (TLB). I’m a bit of a perfectionist which has a tendency to STRESS my system to the point that I don’t sleep well. I’m sure many of you can identify!

Silhouette of a young unrecognizable woman prayingWhen I get into this state I remember my training from not so long ago – that reminds me that WE are in charge of our day. It will become whatever we envision that it will become.

So as I awakened into that STRESS-filled frenzy in my head – I realized quite quickly that I needed to gain control over my mind and hence over my day.

Before ever rolling out of bed, I slowed down my thoughts. I saw my day (like a page in my outlook calendar) clearly in my mind and I imagined words that captured the essence of what I wanted to occur today.

The words I saw were CALM, FOCUSED, PRODUCTIVE. I lay there in bed re-envisioning these words for about 5 minutes. By this time my breathing had begun to slow, my focus had established itself and I could feel the anxiety leave my body.

Then I got out of bed. And I went about doing what I needed to do from a place of CALM. And if my head tries to return to that frenzy, I remind myself I AM in charge. I take a moment, see my calendar, see those words once again and then return to my day.

I get so much more done in this state because I’m clear-minded and i’m connected to the inspiration that flows through me to keep me on track with what needs to be done.