Sitting here at my desk, my computer at the ready, I reflect on the Christmas season that has just passed. I think about the times spent with my daughter and the nights we spent snugged up on the couch with my feline grandson, Ethan, sprawled on her chest while we watched Christmas movies. Some of them were pretty darned cheesy, but others had a great message.

The theme I have always liked best is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and his magical transformation on Christmas Eve. That theme gets reflected in a variety of ways through many of the movies we watched but I never grow weary of its message.

Scrooge is a ‘storyline’ that plays in the lives of all of us. He is a symbol of the transformation we are all making on some level.

For me, he is a reminder of what I need to remember BEYOND the Christmas season.

I affect my life every moment that I live. My world is either raised up or degraded by my thoughts, words and actions.

When I am filled with love, generosity and a sense of abundance, then the people around me are positively impacted by this energy. And I thrive within my life.

If I fill myself with anger, judgment, hatred, greed or lack, my world will be negatively impacted by it. That is when struggle, drama and the unpleasant start to affect my reality.

As I head into the New Year, I head into it with a renewed commitment to transformation. It is my intention to be MINDFUL of myself, to be even more diligent in being the emissary of the transformed Scrooge.

What does that mean to me?

  • Being a keen observer of my mind to examine my ‘motives’ to examine whether they are coming from love or from fear, negativity or limitation
  • If I notice reactions, fears or limiting thoughts, then I STOP whatever I’m thinking – I stop focusing on that particular way of seeing things. When I stop focusing on it, I stop giving it power. That is a really important point. Focus is power. So I switch to something else – I focus on something else. For instance, if I catch myself judging another person, I immediately stop thinking about that thought.
  • I ask myself ‘What would I be thinking right now if I were not in a place of judgment? What if I were demonstrating acceptance, love or simply allowing this person to be themselves? What would I be thinking about then? And that is what I focus upon.
  • Later that day I find a quiet space where I can do some reflection. I revisit what happened.
  • I want to know what I believe that made me judge that person? Where did I learn that belief or from whom?
  • Last, I ask myself if that belief is the truth? If not, I update my own mind with the truth.
  • To close the loop with the person I judged earlier, I would send them an energetic note containing my updated belief.
  • If a reaction or thought pattern is repetitive and won’t update, I will do a process on it.

By paying attention all of the time, I am constantly in a state of transformation. Every day is an opportunity to grow.

Every day that I grow, it positively impacts my life as well as the lives of everyone I touch!

What are you willing to transform this year?