I’d like to tell you a little about someone we’ll call Joni.

As a child, her parents did and said things that caused Joni to feel ‘bad’ about who she was.

Because she didn’t feel good about herself, Joni grew very dependent on the opinions of her mother in order to know that she was doing the ‘right’ thing.

Without realizing it, Joni stopped trusting her own ideas and her own decisions. She looked to others for direction. After all, she figured they knew what was right while she didn’t.

Joni adopted her family’s attitude towards money: make enough to pay your bills, save a little, and share with those you love.

And she did just that her entire life. Until one day when she woke up exhausted, overwhelmed, and feeling like she had nothing significant to show for all of her hard work.

That’s when Joni made an appointment with me. And we explored what had led her to this point in her life and what she could do to change it.

You see, because Joni didn’t see herself as good — because she didn’t believe her own dreams, her own ideas — she never built anything bigger than what her parents had achieved.

Rather than trying to get clients that could afford to pay her at the level she deserved, she sought out those who didn’t have very much money. And she treated them very, very well.

She treated them so well that she didn’t have time to take care of herself. And sometimes, she treated them so well that they went on to have more money than she did.

Do you know anyone like Joni? If so, share this and the next post with them because you know they deserve to earn what they’re worth! Or let them know they can contact me at heather@mindfulchange.com or call me at 613.601.1083, and we’ll set up a 30-minute discovery session.

Maybe you can relate to Joni more than you’d like and are wondering what she did to change things?

Most of the time I try to answer your questions each post, but this time, you’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Until then, enjoy this week’s quote:

“Worthiness doesn’t have prerequisites.”
~Brené Brown

Looking forward to sharing Joni’s answer with you next week!