Today I want to tell you a story about a 35-year old client named Karen.

Karen was completely lost in a land of insecurity to the point that she was chronically in a state of drama. But oh, was she intelligent.

She had the potential to be so much more than what she had achieved to that point. To her credit, Karen felt driven to find a solution. And that’s when she called me.

Karen had experienced a horrendous childhood — something you’d hope no human would ever have to endure. She was neglected on a scale that is obscene and exposed to people and situations you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to experience.

As a result, Karen was tremendously insecure and mistrustful in relationships. Instead of bonding with them, she manipulated and used people. She was a victim to everyone and everything.

After 2 day-long Mindful Change sessions, things changed for Karen, and the changes have kept right on happening.

Today, she looks at people who are in a similar place to where she was, and she can’t believe that she was once like them.

In fact, she was in shock when she re-read the session notes from our first session and realized just how much change had, indeed, occurred. She didn’t even recognize the person she’d been when she first came to me.

Karen wants to learn to do what I do so that she can help others like herself. She now sees how simple it can be, but how lost people often are, and she wants to become a force for constructive change in the world.

I’m sharing Karen’s story with you because, despite reading my emails, maybe you or someone you know wants desperately to have a different life but are still scared to go for it.

Maybe your self-worth, confidence, and love aren’t high enough and maybe fear is too strong in you. But if Karen — someone with the kind of childhood that could have easily left her living a horrible adult life — could change, so can you.

Other people planted most of the limitations, doubts, and fears you have in your thoughts. Ask yourself what would happen if you were the someone condemned in this week’s quote.

“Never condemn someone for a little something someone told you, because there is always a lot more to the story.”

There’s a lot more to YOUR story than what other people told you. I’ve watched person after person transform and I’ve learned that the only thing stopping you is you.

So, get in touch with me at or call me at 613.601.1083, and we’ll set up a 30-minute discovery session.