By Ashley Ryan, Online Marketing & Conversion Expert

“I am not a product of my circumstances.

I am a product of my decisions.” –- Stephen Covey

Ok, so I was going to share the clothes cutting incident…

And part of me is trying to think of ways to make this story look good, when in fact it’s not a good story. Or an easy one to tell…

It all started late one night with me going into a rage and cutting up some of my partner’s clothes with scissors. I cut jackets, shirts, whatever I could get ahold of, and I left them at a pile in front of the door so when he woke up he would see it.


The ridiculous thing was, I can’t even remember why I was mad. The incident was so minute, the rage so intense, that I was possessed.

Except the problem was….I’d done my work. I’d paid my dues. I spent years in therapy doing inner child work and hitting pillows. I broke boards, I fire walked. I went to Tony Robbins. I thought the work was done, the fire put out.

But it wasn’t.

And in my room alone at night, all the sadness and rage stirred inside me waiting to release. And that night my partner got the brunt of it.

Why was I getting so mad? Where was this rage coming from?

And then, one day on YouTube, I happened to stumble upon a video. It was a video of a little girl about 7 years old that grew up in abuse and who was later adopted by a loving family. But this girl was so traumatized she continued to act out her abuse.

And it was this movie that opened the floodgates of my past and all the experiences I had as a child.
In that moment I realized that if I didn’t face the truth of what happened it would consume me.

So I contacted a woman I’d heard about from a friend, and I started exploring my past. And after 3 or 4 sessions my life started to change.

My rage vanished – not out of repression, but release. I was happier, I was more connected. I felt like I could truly see for the first time.

Now this isn’t a story about money or marketing, but it’s all connected =)

The wounds from our past and our limiting beliefs have a direct correlation with our level of happiness.

Let’s face it. I was the crazy lady that cut up shirts. And maybe it doesn’t manifest for you in this way, but it probably comes out in others… Heal the past and your business will change =)

Ashley Ryan, Online Marketing & Conversion Expert

Thank you so much for sharing this story, Ashley. It really illustrates how our past can consume us if we let it. If any of you out there struggle to move your personal or business life forward, it is very likely that it is your past holding you back from your future. If you need help moving past it, I would love to work with you. Life doesn’t have to be hard!