Many of us have been conditioned to always want to be in control of our lives – to always know what is around the corner and to be able to predict with accuracy what our next year will look like. We fly into a panicked state when we are not in this state of control because life has taught us to fear change and it has taught us to feel helpless in the face of not knowing.

This past 18 months has been hugely challenging in many ways and I have been called on repeatedly to adjust my attitude in the face or horrendous fear about a future I could no longer predict.

Mindful Change lived and grew within the womb of another business for almost 7 years. Within the span of a few weeks, this relationship fell apart and I found myself without an office and without a client base.

The panic was immediate – no office, no clients, no clarity about how to create financial stability. I knew I had to control the panic or it would take over my thinking – and panicked thinking never takes us anywhere constructive.

So I chose instead to let my mind dream the dream of its future by asking myself what I truly wanted – I dreamed of my future business, the office I wanted, the clients that would appreciate my work the most. And my dreams were the only thing I focused upon…..

Within a week I had a new office (that I could afford) within the Integral Health Clinic in downtown Ottawa. The location was perfect, the office fit my desires to a T and the people I work with welcomed me. I felt like I was home!

Before long, clients started to show up quite literally from nowhere. Without any real focus on advertising my business began to flourish and within 4 months it was back up to where it had been.

I tell you this story to help you make different choices when your life brings change to your door. The most important thing I know is that your attitude towards change is what will frame your experience of change.

Rather than judging it, fearing it, or making it wrong – embrace it, move with it and use your mind to CREATE YOUR FUTURE quite intentionally. Use those vision boards and post-it notes to remind you where you’re headed!

Rather than blaming another person or spending useless time badmouthing people’s choices and decisions, or gossiping about them, take responsibility for the fact that change is happening in YOUR life – so on some level, YOU created it. STOP making it about others and make it about YOU.

Move on – let go of what has been. No regrets, no anger, no upset, no sadness – let it all go. Ask yourself instead ‘What did I learn from this that I want to be sure to take with me as I move forward’. ‘What was my role in bringing this to a conclusion?’

Ask yourself – ‘What am I thankful for?’ Good things did come from your previous situation – it is important to remember them that way. Spend time alone seeking answers to this question. Then bless the transition and look forward. Expect it to be PERFECT.

Change is once again upon me. Last time change was thrust upon me even though I KNEW in my heart I needed to make this transition. I resisted it because I was afraid of a future I couldn’t see or control.

This time my future has spoken to me through my knowingness and said ‘Heather, it’s time to go’. Rather than resisting, I am flowing with it. As of November 15, I have given up my office in the clinic. It has been a GREAT home for my business but it is clear that I need to move it. I will still continue to see clients – of that I am sure. The where and the how has yet to be clarified.

I meet this transition with a sense of excitement – there is a new adventure afoot and wherever I go – it will be PERFECT! I will keep you posted on my progress….