Personality Dimensions Training – Educators

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Personality Dimensions ® Facilitator Certification (Level 1)

Boardwalk Building

9 Broad Street Brockville, ON  

November 10-12, 2016

Registration deadline is November 1, 2016

Personality Dimensions® for Education

Hello Educators and Guidance Counsellors!

Personality Dimensions® is the next evolution in temperament theory. It proposes that children are born with certain predispositions; values, joys, strengths, and stressors which translate into different wants and needs.

Developed in Canada and inspired by the work of David Keirsey and Linda Berens, Personality Dimensions® is a tool which gives educators and their students practical ideas on how the various personalities learn, communicate, and interact with each other and how this affects the learning process.

Through playful interaction with four cards describing the characteristics of each temperament – Organized GoldResourceful OrangeInquiring Greenand Authentic Blue – educators and students identify their best fit pattern.

As a Personality Dimensions® Certified Facilitator, you’ll offer your school a practical, hands on approach that addresses a number of areas in the Secondary School setting:

  • Teaching StylePersonality Dimensions® enables teachers to recognize their own unique teaching styles and the teaching and learning styles of others.
  • Classroom ManagementPersonality Dimensions® empowers teachers to identify specific priorities and stressors for the various temperament types and to come up with strategies to create an effective learning environment in the classroom.
  • Conflict ResolutionPersonality Dimensions® helps teachers and students alike to recognize and develop key strategies for effective communication both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Cooperative EducationPersonality Dimensions® encourages students to identify their passion and to enter the world of work using their unique talents and skills.
  • Students at RiskPersonality Dimensions® can assist these students to reaffirm their core needs and to restore and rebuild their strengths and values, and develop appropriate coping strategies.

Personality Dimensions® provides students with a better understanding of work relationships, and how to achieve extraordinary results, thus giving graduates an advantage when seeking employment.

This certification program will enable you to:

  • Become familiar with the Personality Dimensions® model, resources, and delivery expectations
  • Develop strategies and applications applicable to a variety of settings
  • Enhance your facilitation skills
  • Certify you to:
      • Purchase training and other related materials from Career / LifeSkills resources
      • Promote yourself as a Qualified Facilitator (Level 1)
      • Facilitate Personality Dimensions® workshops
      • Charge for your services
      • Provide statistical data on participants to assist in updating profile statistics

Note: To achieve qualification status, participants must attend all 3 days of training and successfully complete an exam on the third day. You should anticipate homework on the evenings of the first and second day of the program.

For more information about the Personality Dimensions® assessment tool visit:

Your Facilitator: Heather Elliott is a Mindful Change therapist, certified negotiator, life coach, couples’ counselor, corporate trainer, and Certified Level 2 Personality Dimensions® trainer / facilitator. She has extensive experience in delivering the Personality Dimensions® model through workshops, teambuilding and one-on-one life coaching. She utilizes the model to facilitate open communication and understanding in order to reduce conflict and stress.

Fees: Each participant must pay $975.00 (plus 5% GST) Completed registration form and fee must be received by November 1, 2016.

Cancellation Policy Full refunds will be issued if the session is cancelled by the trainer. A $500.00 cancellation fee will be applied if registrant cancels after the payment deadline of August 18, 2016. There will be no refund for “no shows”.


Is Personality Dimensions® completely new for you? If you’re not available or ready to take the 3 day certification training, but still keen to experience Personality Dimensions®, then check out our 1 day workshop here.