Before starting my day, going to an event, or working with a client I always spend some time creating in my mind a vision of how I desire to experience it. Visualizations are a truly amazingly effective tool at changing your life – you just need to believe that they WORK!

Before leaving for this author’s conference, I did the same thing I always do. I spent some quiet time in the morning and spent some time in a meditation-like state. If you’ve read Jerry and Esther Hicks’s material, it’s like the vortex that they talk about. Next, I asked myself how I wanted to experience this conference. I also asked myself what I wanted to achieve before leaving the conference.

After some quiet thinking, I realized that I wanted:

  • Connections – to amazing and wonderful people
  • My big book – getting a really good start on it and being clear about what I’m going to write about so that when I come home, the writing of it becomes easy and more motivating
  • Business – to meet potential clients, to come away with really great and useful business ideas.
  • To have FUN!!!

After the conference, I did my normal morning quiet time. I spent some time evaluating my experience before setting my vision of the days to come. I am pleased to say with complete conviction that all of these things happened, and beyond what I could possibly have anticipated.

When I chose to attend the conference, I did so because my Book Coach, Judith, recommended that I go. I took her advice and I wasn’t sure how it might benefit me because this is the first time I have attended such an event.

Well, the speakers were spectacular. The business and marketing ideas that they talked about were extremely helpful to me – for my business, overall, as well as for my books. I gained so much awareness about what it takes to be an author and the people I will need as a part of my team.

And the people I connected with were nothing short of AWESOME – what beautiful people! I felt so incredibly blessed to have made their acquaintance and expect that we will keep in touch as our lives move forward.

And it was so much FUN. Judith even had a comedian as after-dinner entertainment on the Friday night. He made us laugh till we cried.

SO … creating my life IS my responsibility. Before I engage my day or engage an event like this, I project into my future my expectations about how I want to experience it.

When I take this kind of responsibility it ALWAYS pays off. And the more you live this way, the more powerfully you project your future. I’ve used this techniques for networking events, new client meetings, and my personal life.

Try it! You will be surprised by how well it works.

And please, post in the comments your experiences with this technique. I love to hear about people who take control of their life and succeed! And if it’s not working for you, then post your experience too – I’d love to help!