On Saturday I spent an hour with my personal trainer going through the lifestyle inventory that they do at Goodlife Fitness and I was able to see the exact changes that would be necessary in order for me to reach my ideal weight.

Most importantly for me, I was able to see a picture of what I would look like. For me the visual representation is really important. My personal trainer took all of my current measurements and input them into her computer program and, voila! there is a picture of how I look right now. Next, we inputted my weight loss goal, and another image popped up – this one reflecting what I will look like in a year, what I will weigh, what my body mass index will be, my measurements, etc.

COOL. So now I have an image of my goal that I can hang up in my office, on my fridge, and scan into my computer for easy reference.

When I attended school to learn how to use my brain and focus properly, I learned the value of an image. A picture speaks 1000 words. So whatever my goals in life, I choose a simple picture that I can remember and envision often.

Each day when I awaken, I now see that ‘new’ picture of me firmly in my mind. I focus upon it for a few minutes each morning before I begin my day. The 2nd thing I do is imagine stepping on the scale and seeing the ‘new weight’. I’m visualizing this in smaller steps – envisioning first the loss of an additional 10 lbs – and when I see that number firmly on the scale below my feet, I can feel the difference in my body that will be present when I reach that weight.

I focus on this for another couple of minutes and then I get up and begin my day, keeping in mind my goals. And interestingly enough, my thinking starts to change to reflect this new intention. This week my personal trainer and I started to talk about a fitness plan that will enable me to cycle 50 km this summer. I have not thought of a goal like that in several years … it would have been overwhelming.

But all of a sudden, it is part of my thinking. And whatever becomes part of my thinking because a part of my world – something that I have learned through my reading and studies of quantum physics.

We also talked about another fitness goal – a 15 km hike through a nature trail not far from my home. What’s important here is that my visualization in the morning recommits me to my goal. Recommitting me to my goal causes me to think differently, which causes me to talk about different things and take action to do different things.

Without the visualization each morning, I stand a greater chance of losing focus on my goals. So it’s a critical step in my lifestyle shift. This same technique can be used with any goal that you have. So what do you want to accomplish or achieve? Make a picture of something that represents this goal and start focusing on it each morning.

And pay attention to how your thinking begins to change… It’s really COOL!

I’d love to hear more about your goals and the pictures you use to represent them – so please, post your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you’re interested in more recommendations for reading on this topic, please contact me – I’ve done lots of reading over the years and I LOVE to talk about it!