This week I’m being challenged by a principle I understand and use all of the time – the fact that if it’s in my life, I have somehow invited it there.

For the most part, my life is a great place to be. I realize that I have been responsible for making it that way. Through the years, I have slowly and intentionally uncovered and transformed a whole bunch of fear-based mindsets and belief system that created drama, limitations, or patterns in my life that I no longer desired to experience.

It has worked extraordinarily well, actually – and I have learned A LOT from the process.

Of late, however, I have been challenged. Things are cropping up in my life that are ‘not desirable’ and I have to view it with the understanding that I create the great stuff but I also create the not-so-great stuff.

I recently purchased a program via the internet. It came with a 30-day money back guarantee, so I felt pretty safe to take a look at it and then cancel the order if I didn’t like it. It sounds good in principle – but canceling it has been problematic. In the first email, they didn’t hear me – instead of refunding my money, they said I could have it on a trial basis for another 30 days. I sent back a reply clearly stating that I didn’t want another 30 days – I wanted a refund.

So she put through the refund – it took a while to show up, but it eventually went through. However, they continued sending me the ‘lessons’ via email and mid-month they charged my credit card yet again – this time for 2x what I originally paid for the program.

I can’t get anyone on the phone – you have to do everything via email. And you can’t believe anything they say, because they don’t seem to know what they are doing.

So I sit with this and ask myself why – what’s the lesson in this? What do I need to learn from this? And most of you know that listening inside for our answers can be really effective. Though this experience, I’m learning that what ‘looks good on paper, in their marketing materials or in their video’ may be markedly different that our experience of them. And for these purchases, I need to really learn to use my intuition.

When I think back to when I purchased this program, some part of my mind already knew this was not a good idea. I did not feel ‘comfortable’ when I thought about using their system. It sounded really good and my left brain probably argued me into it because it ‘sounded’ interesting and, of course, I could get my money back….

I realize now that my ‘warning bells’ were advising against this purchase. Furthermore, I realized that there is a program inside my brain that is totally naïve. I tell the truth, so I expect others to do the same. And I’m realizing that I need to update that program – without turning it into fear and skepticism. There are vendors out there that are worth buying from, and I need to ‘know’ what is OK and what isn’t OK.

Finally, I need to revise the way I ‘handle’ things like this. And this is probably the biggest piece for me. People who don’t do what they say they are going to do ‘annoy’ me. When I get annoyed, I definitely don’t come from a loving place. I tend to be somewhat angry, confrontational, aggressive, and demanding – in other words, I forget all about the rule that says you get back what you put out. And, of course, variations on this same energy come back to me as a result. Not good!

So I have been called upon to master this attitude and do this the way I would teach others to do. I need to quiet myself down, re-centre within myself, and focus on the word SOLUTION. Bathed in a calming, more abundant attitude, I can return to the world to deal with this using the principles I have taught others to use. We really do have full control over our reality.

And do you want to know the wildest part? While I was typing this blog, I received a phone call from this company apologizing profusely for the problems, reassuring me that it will be dealt with before the end of day today and I will be reimbursed for the difference in exchange rates when the refund goes back on my credit card.

The woman couldn’t have been nicer… and it’s all because I calmed down. AMAZING!

Can you relate to any of this? What experiences have you had?