I’ve got to figure things out…

Am I doing this right?

Do I need to belong to more networking groups?

Maybe I need to sign up for this program…

What am I going to do with all those business cards I collected?

I have that letter to write and then that call to make and I need to get back to so and so …

I need to figure out where my clients are…

This isn’t going to work…

What if I fail … what if this doesn’t work… ?

Lately I find that all of a sudden I’m wide awake, my heart is racing, and my mind is on fire with a gazillion thoughts about my business and the many things I need to attend to …

My mind enters into an endless loop of similar thoughts, all of which leave me feeling beaten up, exhausted, and overwhelmed on the inside.

Realizing the rising stress and the reason for it, I step back mentally and breathe and as I start to focus on my breath and remove my attention from the hamster wheel loop of stressful thoughts.

As I step back mentally, I gain perspective – these are just the echoes of doubts that I still possess that got past the normal confidence of my waking consciousness. As I recognize them for what they are, I take hold of my world once again and confidence returns along with clarity of action.

Like naysayers at a meeting, I’ve learned to ignore thoughts and mindsets that I disagree with. I’ve grown larger than their influence over me so that I have control. And I see the mind as a collection of information just like the internet. And just like with the information on the internet, I need to be ‘choosey’ about what I trust and validate.

Once my mind has calmed, I can turn my attention to THE important question – what just happened? What is happening in my life, what stressor do I face, what challenge lies before me that triggered that barrage of doubt? It doesn’t take very long before I connect to whatever stressor or challenge lies before me

Perhaps you can relate??

We all have doubts and fears. Designed to keep us safe, they become a distraction that keeps us from clarity of action and knowing what is right.

Calmed by my own control and understanding of what is happening, I connect once again into the inner guidance system that gives me clarity and shows me the right action.

And when I think act and speak from that place, all is well.

How about you – how do you handle intense moments of doubt?

If you find that you’re unable to handle these moments of doubt or you wish that they didn’t happen so often / so forcefully, I’d love to talk with you about it. Drop me a line about coping mechanisms that work for you or about any issues that you face – I’d LOVE to hear from you!