Humility is something best served up cold, in large enough doses that it gets our attention, regularly enough to have an impact on our lives.

Last week I got a huge serving of it – a much needed serving, I might add. It was a reminder to me to be in charge of my business at all times – to make sure it is always a reflection of who I AM and the person I want to be.

Yesterday I hurt someone I care about – not on purpose –because I sent something into the world with my name on it before I checked it against my golden rules.

And then it was too late.

My golden rules are simple, easy to remember, and designed to guide all of my actions:

  • Come from a place of love and respect at all times.
  • Be careful what you say because, once said, you can’t take it back.
  • Be careful how you say something because, once said, its impression will stick in the minds of other people

This is who I choose to be every day that I awaken.

Building a business, dealing with difficult situations, working with clients, and dealing with life stressors throws me out of balance from time to time – putting the ego in charge when my heart should have been. It happens to all of us.

So I write this today to remind myself and to use this situation to remind others of the importance of using your heart to guide all of your actions.

We have such an impact on our world every moment that we are in it. We are not the anonymous, powerless, helpless beings that we have been taught that we are.

We affect our world every single day that we are in it – PROFOUNDLY.

I choose to be a beacon of love and light, but that commitment needs to be made in every moment through every thought, word and deed.

It’s hard being this responsible; it requires great focus and great commitment. It means monitoring my thoughts, words and deeds all of the time – and that is a BIG deal.

But at the end of the day, the love and respect that I have shared in the world comes back to me in the form of the people and events that are attracted into it.

And when I forget this focus, then my world is happy to share the other side of the equation – hurt, anger, drama and a whole host of negative circumstances that I would rather not have in my life. Not to mention the people who are impacted by it!

So I dedicate this post to HUMILITY and its painful lesson to me to remember my heart. May you remember yours, too!