Have you ever wished there was a course on understanding people?

  • The kid at school who drives you crazy
  • The person who shares the cubicle next to yours but never talks
  • Your spouse who sometimes feels like a stranger
  • The family you love and want the best for
  • Yourself when you think of taking on new tasks or setting new goals…

Understanding people—how they work, what motivates them, what makes them feel valued, what their natural talents are, and what stresses them—makes interacting with others easier.

Think of all the confusion and misunderstandings that could be prevented if you understood the people you interact with daily. Can you imagine the happiness of bringing out the best in you and everyone around you?

Personality has a lot to do with each person’s personal strengths and challenges, and it translates into an individual’s communication style and preferred manner of conflict resolution.

Understanding your personality gives you the freedom to be who you are instead of constantly striving for what someone else wants from you.

Several years ago, I attended a training course for something called Personality Dimensions. It could have been called “Understanding People.”

I’d say that a light bulb came on during that course, but it was more like what happens when your local hardware store flips the switch on in their lighting section. More than once I caught myself thinking, “If only I’d known this information when…”

Personality Dimensions creates understanding in relationships with your kids, employees, employers, parents, spouse, team, students, and patients.

You can use what you learn through a Personality Dimensions course for your personal life to improve relationships with family, friends, and your significant other. You can also use it for your business life to help workplace communication, improve client understanding, build stronger teams, lead, and motivate.

If understanding people better sounds like something you want, you can sign up for personal and professional-level courses on my site when they’re available under “Training: Personality Dimensions.”