I have unwittingly given my name to a number of health-related websites because I’m interested in what they have to say. I was lured in by a compelling newsletter or blog-post title that made them sound really interesting – and most of them are.

But I sat at the table this morning as my husband ate his breakfast and commented on how frustrated I was with the caliber of information coming into my inbox from these various people.

They have really good ‘tips’ but in order to hear the tips, you have to sit through a lengthy infomercial that is SO LONG you will be there for a good 30 minutes – and then you are told about an amazing product that you just can’t live without.

It’s all a pitch designed to seem really helpful by offering information you probably want – but rather than focusing on sharing great content, it becomes a clever pitch designed to get you to buy.

I know marketing is an inevitable part of our world – I understand why that is. But I have made myself a promise. I will not confuse helpful content with a constant bid for my readers to purchase from me. I feel like it destroys credibility and it turns people off. It sure turned me off!

Everything, for me, comes back to mindset. And I have to ask myself – what is the mindset of the business that chooses to market this way?

My truth, gathered from the many 100’s of clients I have served in my business, is that what you ‘put out’ comes back to YOU. So whatever your attitude is when you do something will be the attractive force that brings people and events into your life.

So here’s the truth about this mindset. These people do not truly love or value their clients – their main focus is sales, their main goal is money, and they don’t care if their product or service is picked up by discerning buyers who really want, need, or use what they purchase. Their goal is not to get their product into the ‘right’ hands; it is to get their product into as many hands as they possibly can.

They justify this form of marketing because it’s a very good product or service – and it often is. But their marketing tactics reduce their product to a ‘make money for me’ platform that is a real turn-off to the discerning buyer.

This kind of self-centred, manipulative sales tactic that lures readers by putting a ‘bright shiny object’ out in front of them so that they are sure to ‘bite’ is really treating their audience as if they are stupid and gullible.

The motivation to make lots of sales is really fueled by a sense of ‘lack’ that will bleed into their marketing tactics. If you need to manipulate your buyers, you’re not coming from a place of abundance – you’re coming out of lack.

And the energy of ‘lack’ or not having enough is what these businesses put into the world and it will come back to them in the form of the reality they attract. The law of attraction is a GREAT truth and it is ALWAYS WORKING!

Putting your sales ahead of the well-being of your client will bite you in the butt eventually. It will become your reality down the road as you attract and interact with other like-minded people and businesses. I’ve even seen companies flourish for several months and then take a natural nose dive – do you ever wonder why? It’s this type of mindset that will get them in the end. You reap what you sow because what goes around, comes around.

So does this form of marketing work – absolutely! But there’s this little truth that sounds something like this: Be aware the words and behaviours you choose today because tomorrow you may be asked to live by them!

Your character matters.

What do you think?