Many of my clients and readers are what others would consider successful in their career or business. And while they appreciate that, many of them wish they could take things to the next level.

It’s possible they’ve searched the Internet, taken courses, sifted through YouTube, or even watched paid programming on TV looking for answers to what’s holding them back from edging up another notch.

Marketing people make sure that “your” problem is the first thing you see about their advertisements. And anyone who feels limited when it comes to achieving a dream is ‘ripe for the picking’ with new product offers that claim to deliver success in 3 easy payments.

When you want to grow, it’s common to search for the next best way to improve your business/career, the next best skill to learn in order to offer customers more, and the next service that sets you apart from your competition.

When people come in for a Mindful Change session I see that, most of the time, they assume their lack of success is about what they’re doing or the products they’re offering. But it’s not.

The truth is that the “thing” limiting their success most often has to do with them. It’s their subconscious mindsets, beliefs, and emotional patterns that hold them back — keeping them small and limited in what they can achieve.

Chronically chasing new and better ideas keeps people distracted. It’s much more comfortable to think that we’re missing something outside of ourselves rather than believing that we aren’t being personally effective.

I understand that, and assure you that you’re not alone if you’ve fallen into that trap.

But people who chase things often don’t properly implement anything. They spend a lot of time and energy on what they think are the solutions but then don’t implement those ideas before they’re off to the next most interesting ‘bright and shiny object.’

If you want your business to grow or your career to go to the next level, you need to choose and focus on the right actions. Complete what you start, evaluate any programs you hear about for their fit with you and your company, and follow-through on a clear, committed vision.

You get the greatest outcomes when you focus and stay focused.

How do you do that?

Write down what your next level of growth looks like. How many customers, what kind of income, what kind of benefits, how many hours you are working, how much vacation you take, who is your ideal customer, what has to happen in your business or career to meet the needs of the next level, and how does it feel to be at that level?

You can add or subtract things, but those questions will guide you.

Then, each time there is a decision to be made, ask yourself if it matches your ideal description and if it takes you closer to or further from where you want your business or career to go. Pick the answers that match your ideal and that take you closer to the growth you want.

Sometimes that takes some work, but the process itself is simple and effective.

If you need to talk with me for any reason or you can’t see what you need to get to the next level, contact me at or call me at 613.601.1083, and we’ll set up a 30-minute discovery session.

Next week we’ll look at a difficult subject. It’s a hot topic in the world of relationships but, in reality, it affects every area of life. Stay tuned to see if it’s affecting you…

Here’s your quote of the week:

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my
vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
~Audre Lorde

Take care and we’ll talk soon!