Abundance is the product of a heart-centred life. When you live life from a place of love and trust, abundance is quite simply the way it is. The secret to an abundant life is to nurture the behaviors and attitudes that allow us to live a heart-centred life.

When you focus upon the following, our lives begin to flourish in new ways:

1. Choose to see life as PERFECT no matter what is going on. Learn to FLOW with life, refuse to judge it, and affirm that whatever is happening is PERFECT.

2. Wake up in the morning and expect a HAPPY day – in fact, visualize the word on your calendar, in your phone, on your laptop, on your IPAD or tablet – you can even write the word there. And no matter what happens in your day, no matter what reaction starts to come up from within you, determine that you are going to come from a happy place. Do this by asking ‘What would I do right now if I were happy?’ and then do just that!

3. Be authentic – learn to see yourself for who you are. Learn to truly love and value that person and stop being the person you don’t want to be. Spend time getting to know you. Figure out who you are. What are your values? What do you enjoy? When are you happiest? What kind of people do you like to hang out with? What are your hopes and dreams for your life? What kind of relationships would you like to have with people? Once you know these things, take the steps necessary to start living the life that makes you the happiest.

4. Value your life – treat it lovingly. Nurture and nourish yourself. This is different from pampering. This is not about going out and buying yourself a bunch of expensive things or having spa days. It’s about settling in with yourself – resolving all mental chatter that puts you down or makes you feel bad. And coming to a really profound place of peace with and acceptance of who you are.

5. Love your contribution in the world. Find work, a business, creative expression, a purpose, or a mission that honors your talents, gifts and abilities and the difference you are here to make. Find workplaces, co-workers, a boss, and clients that will honor you as well.

6. Choose relationships wisely. Focus upon making connections with people who are loving, who treat you well, and who value you. Let those people go who are not loving and learn to be alone. Learn to enjoy your time alone so that you don’t feel the need to fill your time with people just to avoid being alone.

7. Choose activities that nourish your soul. Partying hearty on the weekend may be fun but the activities that nourish your soul are the ones that promote a life of value. Grow past any need to be entertained; learn to make decisions from your heart and choose the activities that promote health, happiness, an expanded awareness of yourself and life, and loving relationships with others.

This is what mindfulness is all about. Doing these things requires your commitment. We are not wired to do this naturally – we are programmed to come from scarcity.

If you feel you need someone to help you live more abundantly, I would be honored to be that person for you!