The Influence of Personality

Do YOU have a desire to be a Better Communicator?

  • Do you sometimes have difficulty understanding and relating to people?
  • Do you relate well to certain ‘types’ of people and not to others?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re ‘outside’ of the box – somehow wrong the way you are?
  • Do you ever feel like there’s something different about you?
  • Does it ever feel like people just don’t get you or that you don’t get others?

Become RESPONSIBLE for your communication.

Become an EMPOWERED and aware communicator.

Improve your relationship with EVERYONE.

Freedom Relationships

I was a High School teacher for the first 12 years of my career. It was all about people and relationships, being able to communicate effectively and motivate properly. I fumbled my way through, trying to figure these things out. And it was after I left teaching that I discovered and eventually studied the personality material, eventually becoming a Trainer of Personality Dimensions.

This simple tool explained so much …. It opened my eyes to an understanding of people I could not have imagined was there. And it made me so much better with people because I understood them so much quicker.

I have designed this workshop to help you with exactly the same things.

In a FUN, engaging and interactive way, you will gain an understanding of YOU as well as a basic understanding of others:

• The strengths, weaknesses, needs and preferences of all 4 personality styles

• Your particular profile – your strengths, weaknesses, needs and preferences.

The afternoon is about applying what you are learning to the arena of communication as you look at:

• How to recognize the different personalities

• How you prefer to communicate

• How others prefer to communicate

• Sources of conflict

• How to resolve that conflict

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Heather ElliottPresenter: Heather Elliottt

My name is Heather Elliottt and since 1995 I have helped HUNDREDS of people including couples, groups and teams overcome relationship issues. In the past 7 years, I have focused on the area of separation and divorce. My services include: Relationship Coaching as well as the Design and Delivery of workshops geared to helping others grow past relationship problems of all descriptions.