Do you struggle communicating with certain personality types?

Do you wish that you knew how to determine what people need from you?

How to talk to people? How to help  people in ways that are meaningful to them.

As a Trainer of Personalty Dimensions I have uncovered the key to successful relationships regardless of personality type.

I can teach you how to identify a personality, connect and build trust by the way you communicate.

This workshop is beneficial for teams, couples, students, groups and businesses.

The workshops below have been created and delivered several times since 1995.   Audiences love this material because it is informative while also being fun to learn.

Being in relationship with other people is complex.  We approach life in different ways and the biggest single factor in these differences is our personality.

Personality influences our strengths, weaknesses, needs, preferences and value system. These things affect who we see ourselves to be and how we live our life.

The personality series begins with a half day workshop to introduce you to you – your strengths, weaknesses, needs, preferences and values. This workshop is also designed to introduce you to others so that you gain a beginning understanding of personality and the differences that are natural.

This introductory information can then be applied to many different areas:


  • Make better career choices by discovering work that suits you
  • Learn about the workplaces that will serve you best
  • Understand the work or educational opportunities that will make the best sense to you
  • Find the kind of work that will allow you to thrive
  • Eliminate the kind of work that will leave you feeling dead and dull.

Team Building:

  • Deepen your knowledge of yourself and your team
  • Understand communication styles, needs, preferences
  • Learn how to make your team really gel by meeting the needs of the different personalities and finding the ways to respect and value all differences
  • Effective communication of what you need from a place of self-respect

Leading and Managing Others:

  • How best to motivate others
  • Know the type of work individuals will excel at
  • Learn how to communicate in a way that works for others
  • Learn how to be a boss to the different needs on your team.
  • Understand what conflict can arise and how best to deal with it.
  • Examine their relationship style – what do they bring to the team and how can you use that to enhance the team.


  • Improve how you relate and communicate with others.
  • Understand how often you like to communicate,
  • Learn about what will cause conflict.
  • Develop an understanding of the differences in personalities help you to
  • Understand your preferences and identify ways to get around challenges.

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