Work Experience

My original intention was to become a psychologist but I quickly tired of the curriculum of graduate-level work and changed pursuits. I turned to my love of learning into my first career as a high school teacher.  I taught Business and Special Education from 1979 to 1990.

Starting in 1990 I pursued studies of the mind, developing a love of the new Sciences – quantum physics and neurobiology. A new passion was born – a desire to fully understand how it is that the mind is at the centre of our reality. I have pursued the question “Who are we and how does life work?” ever since.

During the process of my research, I built a business as an organizational trainer and began delivering soft skills programs to a variety of organizations in the Ottawa and Toronto regions. I still enjoy and find it rewarding to teach life-practical skills in communication, team building, conflict resolution, career planning and client service excellence.

My work continues to evolve as my understanding of the mind and its influence on individuals, families, teams, groups, businesses and organizations is incorporated into the constantly evolving curriculum that I offer.

My life took a real turn in 1999 when a friend of mine quite suddenly became suicidal. I knew that my friend’s desire to die had something to do with her beliefs, thoughts and emotions stored within her that came from the emotional trauma experienced during childhood.

After a frustrating and unsuccessful flirtation with standard medicine, psychiatry and counseling, I turned to alternative health care and found an ad for a therapy that worked directly with the belief structure of a person’s mind. Within three days this therapy saved my friend’s life.

As a result of this incident, I decided to train to become a Practitioner of this therapy and opened my own business in 2005. Since then I have adapted this process into a system called Transforming Limiting Beliefs (TLB).

TLB capitalizes on the brilliance of the original model and incorporates strategies evolved from the growing body of knowledge found in the new Sciences – quantum physics and neurobiology.

TLB also embodies the full understanding achieved from my research on who we are and how life works. I have also developed a training program designed to teach others to do what I have learned to do and offer workshops on this program regularly.

From 2005 to 2012 I have worked extensively in the field of separation and divorce, helping people overcome the trauma experienced as a result of relationship breakdown. This has taught me a tremendous amount about why relationships fail and how to help people change what they do, how they communicate as well as how they resolve conflict in order to create healthier relationships before they are lost.

This knowledge and skill will now be used as the foundation of the services offered within the Relationship Centre.

Educational Background:

Core Belief Engineering Practitioner – License #761, College of Core Belief Engineering, White Rock, BC
B.A. – Psychology – Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
B.Ed. – Business Education, Special Education – University of Western Ontario, London, ON

Additional Qualifications:

Team Building Personality Dimensions – Level II Trainer
Facilitation Training Effective Presentations Training
Mastering Tough Communication Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Visionary Leadership