The Mind (how the mind really works)

The Mind – What is it?

mind-purpleThink of your brain as a magnificent supercomputer that’s been recording your experiences since the moment it developed in the womb.

One of your brain’s capabilities is to create a living record of the journey you made in life, and it has been brilliantly designed to do just that.

Unfortunately, you weren’t born with an Owner’s Manual describing how to use this marvelous system. Because of this, you use less than 10% of your brain’s capacity and just skim the surface of what’s possible.

There are latent mental capabilities within your reach. You just have to understand what they are and spend time developing them.

That’s where Mindful Change comes in!

Creation by ScienceMy work helps people uncover and transform all manner of limiting mindset or emotional patterns and has given me ways to see inside the mind to the many intricately linked scripts, beliefs, and programs housed within your brain that are ALWAYS creating your reality.

It’s also taught me a great deal about how to change this ‘programming’ to reflect a far greater truth.

My clients experience change 98% of the time when they work with me. This work changes their lives permanently.

The Effect of Limiting Beliefs on Your Business and Life

  • You achieve a certain level of success but can’t seem to move past it
  • You make plans, stick to them a bit, and then go back to old habits
  • You visualize a new future only to lose track of it in the day-to-day grind of what has always been happening.
  • You feel stuck in some limiting pattern that keeps looping in your life
  • You feel like today is a repeat of yesterday
  • You’re working hard, but despite everything you do, you just can’t get past your current financial level
  • You feel like you keep having the same relationship problems with staff, clients, biz partners, and romantic partners
  • You doubt yourself and feel anxious about the future
  • You want more money, but can’t seem to get it flowing

There’s a reason why you don’t move forward. It is because your life is built on a platform of beliefs, thoughts, expectations, understandings, and feelings that were formed when you were a child.

In fact, some of the core psycho-emotional material you operate from was fully formed by the age of 7, but you haven’t changed it because you didn’t know you could… AND you didn’t know how.

Your brain is like a supercomputer with all sorts of information stored. You’ve been downloading information since you were in the womb. Information that answers two questions:

Who am I?

How does life work?

You didn’t have to be taught directly. You observed and felt the answers. They were either spoken or implied by the people around you.

You downloaded information from sources you assumed were trustworthy: Mom, Dad, the school system, your family, friends, the neighborhood where you grew up, your culture, and the country where you were born and raised.

And then, you never looked at it again. You simply ran those programs as if they were the truth.

Some of that information is current. These are the folders you use and update on a regular basis. However, other information is very old and outdated or is simply WRONG.

If you’re negligent in cleaning out your files, you can have lots of this old, outdated, incorrect information on your hard drive.

If you’re feeling stuck or limited in business or life, it’s a product of old programs/stories that are still active in your brain.

Your brain, like a computer file, can be updated and changed to reflect a greater truth – and that is exactly what a Mindful Change session does.

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