Success Stories

I have worked with 100s of clients since 2005 and I achieve a 98% success rate every time I work – meaning 98% of my clients change as a result of the work that I do. So the success stories I will share with you below are a small representation of what has actually been achieved – but they give you an idea of what is possible.

NB – None of the names below are the actual names of my clients; however, the details surrounding their cases are the truth.

Sara – Recently divorced, struggling to make ends meet, never getting ahead, and feeling alone in life…

Before: Sara was in her 40’s when she first came to me for help – very bright, very good at what she did, and an awesome, amazing person to meet. I was completely impressed with her. However…her life was a mess.

Sara was struggling to make ends meet after a difficult divorce. She was strong for everyone else, but she had no one to lean on at the end of the day. And her days were long because she was working hard to do the right things for her kids and herself.

Yet, despite all she did, Sara never seemed to get ahead or create the life she wanted.

After 3-4 day-long Mindful Change sessions: Sara permanently changed all that. She’s now with the man of her dreams, enjoying the benefits of financial success (like owning a home, taking vacations, and providing for her kids without struggling), and loving the type of mom she is for her children.


Henry – Addicted to drugs and alcohol, insecure, and in an abusive relationship…

After 4 Mindful Change sessions (plus 1 more to quit smoking): Henry’s comfortable with himself, addiction-free, healthy, and has enough self-respect that he’ll never be in another abusive relationship again.

Before: When we first met, Henry was addicted to marijuana, an alcoholic, and in a semi-abusive marriage with a woman that was dealing with her own insecurities and demons. Their relationship existed out of neediness and insecurity, and it was falling apart at the seams.

Henry knew about his alcohol and drug addiction, but he hadn’t realized that his compulsion to work was also a harmful addiction.


Pierre – Struggling with health issues…

Before: Pierre was in his 40’s and dealing with cancer. He knew that there was an attitude at the base of his illness and, rather than doing all of the standard medical interventions such as surgery, radiation, and chemo, he opted to alter his attitudes instead.

After 2 day-long Mindful Change sessions in 2010: Pierre is healthy and happy today — his cancer in full remission.


Marsha – Out of control with a horrendous temper, her 15-year marriage in shambles, and riddled with insecurities and fears…

After 3 day-long Mindful Change sessions: Marsha is in a happy relationship filled with love and respect for each other. She’s in charge of her life, calm, and able to deal with challenging situations with poise and maturity. She also understands why she chose her first marriage and successfully resolved those issues.

Before: Marsha’s temper left her feeling out of control. Every little thing and everyone set her off. She was in a marriage based on insecurity and fear, and it was in shambles. She had no idea why she’d chosen to marry a man she felt so unhappy with. Marsha couldn’t imagine being in control of her anger or that she could learn to communicate successfully.


Cathy – Fumbling around in her career, filled with a sense of insecurity and powerlessness, and stuck in life…

Before: Cathy couldn’t quite figure out where she belonged and what she wanted to do with her life even though she was in her late 40’s. At the base of her indecisiveness and lack of clarity lay a big bundle of personal insecurity and a sense of powerlessness that had left her treading water since she was in her early teens.

Despite the obvious fact that she was a brilliant woman with an absolutely amazing creative mind who could have done many things if she’d applied herself — something obviously held her back and kept her stuck at the same spot in life.

After a 1-day Mindful Change session: Cathy started moving forward. Her worries and fears are gone, she’s calmer, and she’s prioritizing her life and making time for what’s important. She’s even writing the novel that she always wanted to write.


Susan – Fearful of living alone, having daily anxiety and panic attacks, and feeling severely suicidal for the last 10 years…

Before: Susan was a 24-year old girl, so afraid of taking her life if she lived alone that she was still living with her parents. The anxiety and panic attacks made life seem unbearable.

After 1 Mindful Change session: All of the anxiety, panic, and suicidal tendencies were gone. Susan feels in charge of her life and is finally getting her own place! She’s calmer, is peaceful, and loves that she’s in control of her life.


Carol – Struggling to overcome a difficult childhood; having no sense of inner stability, confidence, or herself; dependent on others; feeling no ability to function alone in the world; and tormented by unrealistic expectations…

Before: Carol was in her mid-40’s. Her parents were insecure, immature, and absent, so she grew up with no direction and no center. But she knew with every fiber of her being that she could be a success. And although she had some degree of success already, she couldn’t appreciate it or build it into more.

After many day-long Mindful Change sessions: Carol has rebuilt from her shattered emotional environment into a self-reliant woman that balances work with her personal life. She’s restructured her business in a way that’s letting it grow into something even more successful. And she’s benefiting financially from those changes.

It took a lot of work, but Carol is enjoying her success, finally gaining control over her life, and finding relationships with men that are far healthier than anything she has ever experienced before.

Best of all, Carol’s been able to completely calm down the voices within her that tore her to shreds every time she made a mistake or didn’t live up to some unrealistic expectation she had.


Karen – A victim to everyone and everything, chronically in a state of drama, manipulative and willing to use people, plagued by insecurity and mistrust…

Before: Karen was an intelligent 35-year old with the potential to achieve much more than she had. As a child, she experienced neglect on an obscene scale — exposed to people and situations no one should have to endure. It left her lost in a land of insecurity, trusting no one, and in a chronic state of drama.

To her credit, Karen wanted a solution.

After 2 day-long Mindful Change sessions: Karen’s life changed massively, and the positive changes have kept right on happening. Today, she doesn’t even recognize the person she was when she first came to me.

Not only did she change her life, she found a career that excites her — she’s learning to help people the way I do. Instead of being involved in drama, she wants to help others find ways out of the problems in their lives. She now sees how simple it can be, but how lost people often are, and she wants to become a force for constructive change in the world.

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