Who We Help

The work done at the Relationship Centre is geared towards helping individuals, couples, teams and businesses. If you are wondering if you are a match for our services, the following list might help you.

These are the most common or frequent reasons people come to the Relationship Centre for support:

You are feeling challenged somehow in a relationship – personally or professionally.

You are feeling stressed by relationships – you don’t feel in control.

You would like to acquire more skills and knowledge to build and maintain excellent relationships.

You may notice that you repeat patterns in your relationships at home or at work that cause problems for you.

You have changed partners, friends, colleagues or jobs and the same issue keeps showing up.

You are overly sensitive, people hurt you easily and you would like to grow stronger and feel more secure.

You may be experiencing mood swings and you would like to feel happy on a more consistent basis.

You have a tendency to feel disappointed and or mistrusting of people.

You sometimes feel like being alone is somehow easier and find yourself withdrawing from people in your life.

Your life does not have to be like this.

You can find support for these challenges through the Changing Limiting Mindsets Process, Personal and Business Coaching Programs and Workshops offered at the Relationship Centre.