Mediation Services

Our goal is to maximize relationship health and well-being and Mediation is a service we provide in the pursuit of such excellence.

We view challenge or change not as an obstacle to health and well-being, but rather as an opportunity to build stronger relationships. This is made possible in our mediation process because we know that conflict, disagreement or differences of opinion can all be transcended when you have the tools and support necessary.

We offer 2 forms of mediation:Conflict between man and woman

  • Relationship Mediation
  • Mediation for Divorce/Separation

Relationship Mediation focuses on several things:

  • Building understanding between people
  • Finding common ground
  • Finding the resolution to relationship challenges
  • Resolving differences of opinion
  • Helping people to make decisions that take into account the needs of all concerned
  • Ensuring that all are heard and valued
  • Separating out the issues from the underlying motives so that stuck situations can move.

Mediation for divorce or separation is different in that it requires someone with a background in Family Law. However, the emphasis on relationship is still the same. It is our belief that people going through the process of separation or divorce can do so while still maintaining a relationship.

Separation and divorce can be achieved without the emotional bitterness or nastiness that is often associated with this process.

Helping you to move beyond the hurt, blame or need for revenge is our specialty. This is especially critical for couples where there are children involved. Nothing damages a child more than being caught in a bitter divorce between 2 people that they love. Choosing sides is not what a child should be asked to do. Involving them in what is happening is also not ok.

We can help you through these tough times and show you how to process and use these challenges to improve the way you deal with all relationships in your life.

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