Relationship Centre

The Relationship Centre, Ottawa operates out of the Integral Health Clinic at 355 Waverley Street in Ottawa.

Here at the Relationship Centre, we are committed to creating relationship health and well-being because the relationships you form are the foundation of virtually every experience you will have. This very fact makes effective relationship skills critical to your success in life.

The Relationship Centre services a variety of audiences – individuals, families, groups, teams or businesses. We offer Relationship Coaching, Workshops, Mediation Services, Facilitation of Group processes as well as our feature service – Changing Limiting Mindsets.

What makes our services different is our focus upon the mind and its effect on relationships. Our minds are the filter through which we interpret/perceive our world and the people in it. 90% of our communication is about perception while just 10% is about the words and how they are put together.

With that in mind, we understand that every mind is different. This leaves a LOT of room for miscommunication and misunderstanding, which is at the core of a majority of the relationship problems you may face.

We excel at helping people to sort out their relationship issues (be they in their personal life or their work life) caused from repeated misunderstandings and miscommunications that get interpreted incorrectly resulting in relationship problems.

We also excel at helping people learn tools and techniques for communicating more effectively so that misinterpretation and misunderstanding happen far less often, and when they do happen, you know how to handle it.

Our goal is helping people to mediate conflict in ways that build and maintain relationships rather than destroy them.

A large part of our service also centers on helping people to understand themselves and others. It is amazing how this alone can shift the tone of many relationship problems.

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