I have worked with 100s of clients since 2005 and I achieve a 98% success rate every time I work – meaning 98% of my clients change as a result of the work that I do.

So the success stories I will share with you below are a small representation of what has actually been achieved but they give you an idea of what is possible.

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“I have undergone traditional therapy; it provided comfort and a certain level of understanding; the Mindful Change sessions brought about a depth of understanding as well as the resolution to issues that allowed me to finally let go and move on.

Mindful Change sessions also allowed me to truly view my life from a different perspective.

These sessions helped to heal the hurt left by a very difficult childhood. I have also been able to move past all the anger and sadness that came from my past, allowing the person I was meant to be to come to the forefront and move into the driver’s seat of my life.

I recommend this process to anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of themselves, to heal pain, and above all truly let go and move beyond whatever is holding them back from being the person they were meant to be.”
– M.C., R.N.

“My husband and I have been married over 22 years. We have sought traditional counseling and marriage therapy over the years when we hit a bump in the road.

Eventually, however, I noticed the same patterns of behavior re-emerging, and the old ways of dealing with them simply weren’t working anymore. We needed something different, something fast and something that would make permanent changes in how we were relating to each other.

We had reached a crisis point in our relationship.

We heard about Heather through two friends who had seen her when they were trying to navigate through some troubling times in their lives. They swore she changed their lives.

I went to see Heather first and after a day with her, it was as if a piece of the puzzle that I had been looking for had finally been dropped into place. I noticed immediate changes in myself and how I related to others, but more importantly, how I felt about and viewed MYSELF.

I can breathe again. It is such a cliché but I really do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just wish more people would give Heather’s approach a try. It is very different from what I had tried in the past and has real, lasting results. It is, hands down, the best gift anyone can give themselves or their relationship.”
— S.D., Housewife / Entrepreneur

“I started seeing Heather a little over 3 years ago and she has done what no other could do with me in 46 yrs. I am an extremely successful business woman, interior designer and mother of two; however I always felt that there was something really blocking me from reaching my true potential.

I was at a loss as to how to get past it, over it, or through it – but I was determined to find a way – one way or another!

In working with Heather, my road blocks became very visible – even within the first session.

Today I feel more in control of my life, more at peace with me. I feel more confident that I can build a life I desire. I am calmer in relationships with others – able to understand them better – I’m more compassionate and open to them than ever before. This allows me to begin to build a relationship to a partner that I desire to experience. I have also achieved career success that tops what I had already achieved, and I possess a calmer attitude towards my life.”
— P.S., Television Personality, Business Owner, Mother to 2 fabulous children! (my most important job!)

“The work I did with Heather was so beneficial for me because of who she is. She has a keen sense of understanding and insight; she is always professional with a no-nonsense approach, yet always understanding and compassionate. There are many people I have met in life that do their jobs well and then there are those that possess a special gift for what they do. Heather is one of those people.”
— M.C., RN

“I am so grateful to have seen Heather. She is highly intelligent and intuitive when it comes to relationship coaching.

I followed her suggestions the very same night after our session and within 24hrs my relationship took an incredible turn for the best, thanks to the fact that I followed her advice. We got engaged soon after and we can’t wait to get married. Thank you for your great eye openers and life changing advice Heather!”
— M.M., Osteopath

“Now I feel more SERIOUSLY COMMITTED at a much higher level (more like the ‘committed’ energy I had when I was 22) to doing the work that is necessary to gain focus in, and market, my business, set and achieve goals, projects and tasks that measurably and progressively move me forward to much higher levels of success.

It’s like a cloud has been lifted that I didn’t fully realize (or acknowledge) was there.

Thank you for this gift. YOU are a great gift to the world. You are a great facilitator of healing and internal roadblock (or suppression) removal.”
— D.H., Happiness Expert

“I came to see Heather with tons of baggage from my past which was hindering my present. I never thought I could make such a huge turn for the best in so little time after seeing her. Thanks to her method and time with me, in just one day I came to powerful realizations which transformed my life and allowed me to rid myself of all of my anxiety and fear; I gained a sense of calm and confidence that has allowed me to move on to great horizons.”
— M.M., Osteopath