Stuck And Limited

I remember what living a life I didn’t love feels like… A life filled with ‘shoulds,’ ‘shouldn’ts,’ and limits from beliefs that weren’t even mine.

Looking in the mirror and wondering how to avoid living the life my parents lived, wondering if I’ll ever have the kind of love, passion, and relationship I want in a marriage…I remember that feeling, too.

I wasn’t broke, but my business wasn’t growing the way I thought it should, either. It seemed crazy to me that people doing everything right could struggle while others appeared to fly by the seat of their pants and saw tons of success.

Back then, the weight of why my life seemed stuck was a heavy burden.

But I also remember the hope and the burning desire to find answers that made a difference — not simply a quick-fix band aid, but a REAL difference. I hoped that there was something more, something better. If only I knew how to get it…

Do you know what any of that’s like?

I bet you do, because most people struggle with being stuck in one or more areas of life.

After years of challenges and searching, I realized something:

Each major breakthrough had one thing in common… What was limiting me in each situation was my mind—my thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. And what freed me each time was rewiring my mind. Rewiring let me break through old, limited thinking that held me back from living the life I deeply wanted.

Had someone told me that all those years ago when my life felt stuck, I might have rolled my eyes at them. But after over twenty years of helping myself and others rewire their brains, the consistent and long-term results are simply too amazing to deny.

These days, my life looks and feels very different. I’m in a marriage that is ideal for me, filled with love, support, and acceptance. My company is thriving and continues to grow and blossom in ways that fill me with joy. There’s abundance in my life on every level, and I love it! When challenges pop up, because they do for everyone, I’m relaxed and confident, knowing that I have the skills to deal with them.

And do you want to know the icing on the cake?

I get to help other people bring to life what they admire, aspire to, and hold dear while helping them walk through fear and limitation with strength and grace. You see, what worked for me works for them.

And it can work for you, too.

In a world where it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, uncertain of your purpose, and sometimes even powerless to create the future you want, wouldn’t you rather become a hero than have one?

Isn’t that what heroes do, anyway? They embody success, live with purpose, feel fulfilled, face problems without wavering, understand themselves and others, and enjoy the rewards of their lifestyle.

For some of my clients, that means finally starting their own business. For others, it’s leading their company into record-breaking profits. For still others it’s about healing their private lives and relationships. And for all of them, it’s about understanding themselves and others well enough to break through the invisible barriers that keep them from living the life of their dreams.

What I do isn’t a recently discovered secret previously hidden away by monks or some lost society. In fact, it’s been around a while and there’s plenty of science that goes with it.

Traditionally, it’s been used to help people overcome personal issues or for those who are just curious about life and want to understand how things work. Business applications simply weren’t developed.

But what I discovered is that Mindful Change works great for ANY issue. You don’t have to be failing or even struggling in the traditional sense. Mindful Change is about melting away the invisible barriers that hold you back regardless of level.

It works just as well for the CEO struggling to break into 7 or 8-figure income as it does for the person whose insecurity leaves her feeling unheard and unfulfilled. The desired outcome is different for each client, but the solution is addressing personal limitations in a way that goes beyond finding them and into dissolving them.

Business Coaching

If any of these are true…

  • Your business won’t grow
  • Financial abundance is elusive or temporary
  • Staff problems plague your business
  • Clients are headaches
  • Your confidence isn’t where you want it
  • You doubt your ability to succeed and wonder if you’re worth it
  • You wonder why you aren’t successful
  • You’re tired of spending money on hyped-up motivational seminars, books, or coaches that leave you with no real change

.…then Mindful Change Business Coaching is for you.

A Mindful Change session is NOT a private motivational seminar. It’s not a handy list of to-do items, a PowerPoint presentation, or a bunch of audio/video sessions you’ll go home with and guiltily ignore.

Instead, Mindful Change coaching:

  • Finds YOUR limiting beliefs and rewrites or gets rid of them, freeing you to live a life you love
  • Answers WHY your business, financial, and work relationships aren’t working for you and helps you do something about it
  • Helps you BREAK THROUGH the invisible caps on your financial and business growth so you can finally experience the results you long for
  • Results in LASTING change—no more flimsy band aids
  • Has the added bonus of cleaning up issues in your personal life at the same time
  • Is specific to you, your business, and your life

“A single session with Heather transformed my attitude towards work and helped me take my company from near-death to our best year yet in terms of sales and profits. AND she made “work” fun again.”
~Ryan Murdock, online business owner and travel writer, www.ryanmurdock.com

Relationship Coaching

Staff, clients, or partners…relationships make life fun and rewarding or miserable and draining.

At work, do you ever experience…

  • You love your business, but staff drama, miscommunication, motivation, and incompetency make you wonder if it’s worth it.
  • You have a business mission, but you’re the only one who pays attention to it.
  • You spend so much energy dealing with staff problems that your creativity and leadership suffer.
  • You land big clients, do a great job for them, and then struggle to get them to pay for your services.
  • You create a plan with a client, bring it to life, and then realize that you and the client had different visions. The time and money those types of miscommunications cost you hurts.
  • Your business partner tries to micro-manage every detail or takes the opposite approach and doesn’t care about details at all.
  • Some days it feels like life would be easier if everyone would go away and let you work in peace…but you can’t tell your customers to go away and still pay your bills.

What You Need

  • Staff who support you and make things run smoother
  • Clients who appreciate your work
  • Strong communication skills
  • A business partner who shares your vision and work ethic
  • To understand your role in each type of relationship in your business and life

What relationship coaching does for you, your business, and your bottom line:

  1. Helps you read your staff, clients, and business partner

    During coaching, you’ll learn how to see and understand the motivations of others. You’ll learn to catch something that isn’t right, even if other people say everything is ‘fine.’ You’ll use your newfound communications skills to get to the root of the issue without spending days or weeks in frustration over your partner’s actions or inactions.

  2. Dissolves old patterns

    Coaching helps get rid of unsupportive and negative patterns in your relationships. Staff work together to avoid drama, instead of creating it — no more sabotaging income and business growth!

  3. Gives a renewed sense of hope and camaraderie

    You’ll rediscover how rewarding it feels to work together and feel at peace, knowing you can work through future challenges quickly and without the downward spiral you’ve been experiencing. Everyone works together and experiences the benefits.

  4. Helps you handle any situation with poise

    Instead of fighting or avoiding difficult conversations, learn how to handle ANY situation in the relationship – no matter how difficult it seems. Business partners, staff, and clients will no longer hold you hostage with uncomfortable situations.

  5. Produces amazing communication

    You’ll learn to create the right environment for great communication. You no longer have to hold back, tolerate everything, or stuff your feelings. You’ll learn to communicate smoothly, effectively, and positively.

  6. Improves all of your relationships…not just the one you’re having problems with now

    Relationship coaching helps all of your relationships…from children and siblings to parents, spouses, partners, friends, bosses, employees, and coworkers. Improved relationships make for an easier, better, and more fulfilled life. Relationship coaching is about moving you, the people in your life, and the relationships you share with them forward. It helps you examine where you’re at and determine exactly where you want to go.


So, if at home…

  • You want a happy, loving, committed, and connected relationship to someone who sees and values you for who you are.
  • You realize you and your partner aren’t connecting the way you would like.
  • Perhaps there’s little to no intimacy – you sleep in separate bedrooms. You see the person you once couldn’t wait to be with as this ‘boring’ someone you share space with – more like a roommate than a partner.
  • You’ve lost that glow, that luster that used to be there with a look and a touch.
  • With the kids there, it wasn’t as noticeable. With them gone, it’s empty! You sit in separate chairs, live separate lives, and rarely share anything of any value.
  • There’s no longer an ‘us,’ and you long for something more. You’ve talked about getting help, but your partner sees nothing wrong with the way things are. There has to be more, right? Perhaps a different partner…

Relationship coaching transforms your business and your personal life!

“I started seeing Heather a little over 3 years ago and she has done what no other could do with me in 46 yrs. I am an extremely successful business woman, interior designer and mother of two; however I always felt that there was something really blocking me from reaching my true potential. I was at a loss as to how to get past it, over it, or through it – but I was determined to find a way – one way or another!

In working with Heather, my roadblocks became very visible – even within the first session. You can’t fix or change what you don’t know. The first step is awareness. Second step – replacing old, outdated, non-valid thought patterns with accurate, empowering ones. Mindful Change sessions helped me to do all that.

Today I feel more in control of my life, more at peace with me. I feel more confident that I can build a life I desire. I am calmer in relationships with others – able to understand them better – I’m more compassionate and open to them than ever before. This allows me to begin to build a relationship to a partner that I desire to experience. I have also achieved career success that tops what I had already achieved, and I possess a calmer attitude towards my life.”
~P.S., Television Personality, Business Owner, Mother to 2 fabulous children!

How It Works:
The Mindful Change Process

What is a Mindful Change Process? Will there be electrodes, a funny hat, and ink blot tests involved?

Although there’s a lot of science that goes into a Mindful Change Process, it doesn’t require any equipment beyond a phone or device that allows us to Skype.

You contact me for an appointment (a full-day session), fill out some paperwork and return it to me at least a week before your appointment, and then we connect via the phone or Skype and talk. Later, I’ll email you a review of our session.

Simple, right?

It is simple, but it’s also powerful.

You see, the talking we do isn’t idle chit-chat.

We’ll explore your beliefs about who you are, how much money you should have and what you do with it, your role in life, your value in the world, and the level of success you’re comfortable with.

You’ll learn why you formed those beliefs and what to do about it if they don’t serve you in reaching your goals.

You can transform your limiting beliefs, cast them aside, and be truly free to build and live the life you want.

Your business can know the joy of abundant income and growth.

You can talk with staff, clients, and business partners and work together to make dreams come true.

You can learn the skills needed to leave behind or resolve challenging business relationships and situations.

It’s a cliché, but life truly is short. Why live it at a level that’s less than your best when there’s a way to get rid of the limiting beliefs holding you back?

“After Our First Process, My Income Sky-Rocketed.

Not only had my income changed, several limiting thought patterns and personal life issues faded — things such as struggles with certain clients and food addictions.

Because of my results, I started referring my friends and clients to Mindful Change. And their lives started shifting, too…”
~Ashley Ryan, Owner of www.hersmartmarketing.com

Maybe you’re…

  • Stuck at a specific income level
  • Feeling blocked from moving forward and expanding…no matter how hard you try
  • Dealing with staff and client relationship issues to the point of feeling drained and unsure if you can continue
  • Feeling anxious about your future
  • Wanting financial abundance
  • Confused about why you’re doing everything “right” and barely seeing any progress while your colleague is taking a haphazard approach and having amazing results
  • Feeling like you’re sacrificing your personal life to make your business work or vice versa
  • Wondering if you’ve got what it takes to make it
  • Struggling in your personal life and it’s affecting your work, or vice versa

Work with me and…

  • Fill your business and reach your maximum earning potential – move beyond money and success blockages
  • Build your confidence and eliminate procrastination
  • Understand what’s kept you stuck, and take back your power
  • Say ‘no’ to destructive mental chatter
  • Embrace your TRUE SELF and experience inner peace
  • Honor your needs, forgive yourself, and let go of shame and guilt forever
  • Be happy in your own skin and have unshakable self-confidence
  • Have the power to make new and different choices at will
  • Resolve business and personal issues at the same time

The Next Step

We’ll talk soon on the phone!

If you need to contact me before then, here’s how:

Phone: 613.601.1083 (Ottawa,ON)
Phone: 1.888.791.5777 (North America Toll Free)
Typed Message: https://mindfulchange.com/contact-heather-elliott/